Ways to handle your shopaholic partner...

The mentality of a shopping lover is different from the mentality of a Shopaholic. It's exactly like the difference between a habit and an addiction. Understanding the personality of a Shopaholic is convincing yet difficult. You may get easily deceived by the excuses given by a Shopaholic to shop more than required. For Shopaholics, shopping is not occasional, it's almost a daily routine. To, all the Shopaholics out there, it is always good to accept the fact that you are a Shopaholic and manage to balance your lifestyle choices with your useless shopping list. The most important thing is, most of the millennials are carrying the tag of a Shopaholic as a reward rather than taking it seriously. Shopaholic is treated as funny and reckless, but it is exactly and equally dangerous to other addictions.

But, what if a person ends up with a Shopaholic partner? What if a person transforms into a Shopaholic after getting into a relationship? What if a couple becomes Shopaholics just to maintain their social status in society or to show off their love in the form of a shopping unlimited number of unnecessary items, to let others know how beautifully they care for each other by buying things for each other? Like every other addiction, being addicted to excessive shopping also comes with various reasons. A person or a couple must know and try to handle themselves or their partners to get rid of unfortunate consequences which may lead to breaking up a relationship because of their shopping habits!

Human relations, sometimes get weakened because of the involvement of monetary transactions. And many people end up their romantic relationships because of money issues. It's not being opportunistic or using someone. It's just being practical and thinking beyond hormones and emotions. Financial management always gets diluted with the people who are Shopaholics, because the money is just a piece of trade to purchase things that they like.

  • Make your partner understand, the role of money in your relationship. It happens only through proper communication and not hiding things that may hurt your Shopaholic partner. Sometimes, it is good to put your word, forward to get rid of future consequences which may dilute your relationship too.

  • Never say 'Yes' always for your Shopaholic partner to buy whatever he/she needs. Try controlling him/her and divert your Shopaholic partners, invest money in things they require. But, for some people, even the Gucci scarf seems like an essential, especially for Shopaholics. So, try saying 'No' to some of their shopping wishes.

  • If you think, you may lose your partner by restricting him/her by not allowing to shop whatever they want, you will end up suffocating yourself between your partner's shopping habits and your finances.

  • Savings are never a thing for Shopaholics. So, you must introduce the concept of savings for your partner in a way that he/she must spare some money. In this case, you must make him/her believe that he/she is going to save money for the next purchase. Keep doing the same thing for a while, then, your Shopaholic partner may understand the value of savings, in terms of buying a valuable product instead of investing in unnecessary purchases.

  • There are plenty of chances for your Shopaholic partner to misunderstand you. He/she may think that you are overpowering his/her expenses and control them. Do not freak out in such incidents and step back. Let your partner take some time to understand the scenario and let him/her change a bit for you. Because, that's what love is all about, adjusting!

  • Some people may act bossy, they may deny your efforts and simply spill annoying arguments to make you not involve in their shopping habits. It's not them, who is talking, it's the addiction or the Shopaholic personality in them. So, do not take those comments or tantrums, seriously. Instead, put your partner in a dilemma to choose you over his/her shopping habits. This particular dilemma always works, if your partner loves you more than the sale in H&M.

  • Some couples, in the process of impressing each other by their clothes and looks, they unintentionally start wasting their money on shopping habits. This may make, a couple turns into a worse Shopaholic couple. Because here a couple needs counseling on their shopping habits. It's always good to visit a counselor who can guide them well.

  • In some instances, a person who wants to control the shopping habits of his/her Shopaholic partner becomes another Shopaholic because of the addictive influence of shopping. Hence, if you want to work on something, please have some focus on it and don't encourage your partners instead of controlling them.