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Ways to handle your man-child partner!

Childishness looks cute to some extent and it looks weird if it crosses the limits and gradually it becomes disgustingly painful if it goes beyond the boundaries. Well, the same thing happens to all those people who handle their grown-up men as their kids at the end of the day because of various ridiculous reasons. A man-child is a complete grown-up male who acts insanely foolish enough in every aspect and drives people crazy at times and constantly tests the patience of their partners. Sincerely, if your man acts totally like a child and you go behind him all the time to make things right, then yeah you are unfortunately blessed with a man-child partner in your life.

Dealing with these men is not so easy and leaving them like that can make situations worse. These men put you in a situation where you can no more deal with them and also can't leave them out of love, maturity, pity, and guilt. Hence, you need to know how to mend things accordingly to work things in a better way in your relationship. Generally, these men-children, do not like to move their butts off, especially in household work. They need not be lazy. They can be active, but they purposefully leave the mess and expect you to clean after them, like how kids do to their mothers. They recklessly leave off things after their use and wherever you go, they make you work for them round the clock. This could be worse if you go out somewhere else. Instead of cleaning all the mess your man-child leaves, in return you must leave the place like that. Let the things pile up like a dump yard in your home. One day, he would realize his misdoings when he feels uncomfortable. You must be strict enough and be consistent enough to make your partner understand what he is up to.

If you act too responsible every time to clear his shit out with his kin and kith, there are many chances that you can be taken for granted and also you can be mistaken by all his parents, friends and relatives, if something bad happens because of your childish man. So, always maintain the limitations of involving in your partner's issues all time, especially with his social relations. Remember that you are his partner, not his assistant to plan, schedule, sort, pick things up and even drop him wherever he wants, especially in the places where your involvement is not much needed. So, restrict yourself to over engage and let your man-child deal with his issues. This will make him matured gradually.

Manners are the last things your man-child partner bother about. Because, these men, do not give a damn about how others think, like literal kids. They speak shit, throw things when frustrated regardless of their ownership of those things, leave the place without giving prior notice, forces you to come along without understanding your issues, make weird noises and may even fart in front of people in sophisticated parties, behave like an adolescent without considering age factor and act utterly disgusting most of the times. These things may make you feel bad to the core and of course, end you up in rage. At these moments, most of the people stay calm though they are super furious about their partners and this is completely wrong!

You must not suppress your anger, especially at these times. Just do not act instantly. Keep calm a bit, let your rage come out in a more meaningful way so that your partner must realize his disturbing and disappointing behavior. Plan a moment, work on your words and just attack him by mentioning all his stupidity on his face. If he is in his forties and drinks like a teenager without noticing your presence at home and without considering your worries, then you must lock him up outside of your home instead of allowing him and feed him. Mistakes are fine to deal with thrice, but if it happens every single day, you must act on them to set things properly.

If your partner behaves weirdly every single time you go for parties, just ban him for a while and do not go out with him any more till he realizes your value and absence. If you keep working as a servant by chasing behind him, you will be treated like a slave at the end. Do not make the mistake. Be it you are a gay couple or a straight couple or even a bisexual couple, you may be stuck up with your man-child partner. If you love him no matter what, then you must try to make him realize the value of relationship instead of showering love by clearing his mess. You should not encourage his stupidity.

While handling your man-child partner, you may also be awarded the title called the most-nagging partner. Yes, all the people who have to deal with their men-children, they end up nagging repeatedly, because that is the only way to tackle the stupidity of their partners. But, your man-child partner never realizes his annoying behavior and may end up asking you to stop nagging or telling him things to do. Sometimes, his stupid behavior makes you over alert and also make you nag about things in the attempt of not facing any unfortunate consequences. This can be mistaken by your partner and also may ruin your relationship. This nagging must be handled psychologically and deal with it emotionally. Nag in such a way that he must listen to you instead of seeing you as someone who always tries to correct him. Well, even your man-child partner also has a male ego, if it gets hurt, then you may face some extra challenges. Hence, always convert your psychological frustrating nag into an emotional sweet talk. This may work to make him know his senses.

If this doesn't work, then opt for the silent treatment and stop nagging. Indeed stop talking and reacting. Make him react like a mad person but you maintain the silence. This may make him understand the pain because he could realize how it feels when someone doesn't listen to him. No one likes to face themselves and that's when you can observe the change and a little maturity in your man-child partner. Do not lose hope, just wait for one moment where your man-child boyfriend or husband understand that he must behave like a grown-up matured man. It is possible!

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