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Ways to handle your egoistic partner!

Ego is one thing which is considered a bad trait by default but sometimes, the same ego helps a person to get rid of unnecessary circumstances in life. Maintaining the perfect balance of the ego levels in a person is one hard task to attain. Hence, people either lose one's self by giving up one's ego or else they behave overpowering by crossing the par levels of the ego. We are humans and most of us are extremists. And when it comes to dating or romantic relationships, people become egoistic with or without any reason, mostly to just prove themselves right.

Of course, handling ego is not an easy thing to do but a person can always try and make sure his/her partner's ego levels come under control and get transformed into love motives at the end of the day if he/she willing to continue being in love with his/her egoistic partners. Nothing is impossible if you give a try to get things under your control.

  • For sure, egoistic people are uncontrollable and untamable but with love, anything can be possible like how Dubai elites, tame lions as their pets. Only unconditional love has the power to cut off the unnecessary bad vibes in the form of ego in a person. Hence, understand and try to shower your unconditional love to your partners, even though they behave rigid with their utmost stubbornness out of their ego.

  • Well, in this case, most of the people give up on their self-respect and they start acting like puppets for their egoistic partners. This will worsen the situation even more because it encourages the level of ego in your partners if you keep supporting them all the time.

  • People bear their egoistic partners and take all the ego criticism from them, out of love and out of fear of losing them and ending up alone. Take that out of your mind and make sure that you tackle your partners in such a way that they come back to you by leaving their egos aside. This is when you can be called a true lover, a person who brings out a change in his/her partner for each other's good.

  • And this happens only if you strict once in a while. There are no pain and gain if you make your partner understand his/her mistakes or make him/her realize the limits of ego that shouldn't be exceeded more than required. Instead of shouting or screaming or arguing that your partner is wrong and you are right, always deal with the situation in a calm mode. Because if you tell an egoistic person that he/she is wrong, their ego gets hurt even more and who knows things may go wrong afterward.

  • Reversal theory always works in any romantic relationship. You can act exactly how your partner behaves in his/her egoistic mode. This may explain how they behave and there are chances that your partner may give a thought about his/her behavior. Because we humans can't take things from others especially if they resemble us and our behavior. Everyone is egoistic at the end of the day, only the levels differ from person to person.

  • Silent treatment has a success rate in dealing with egoistic people. So, whenever your partner behaves weirdly annoying out of extreme egoism, stay calm and don't even try to explain yourself or try keeping your point in those unnecessary arguments. Just be calm and give a smile. This may irritate your partner but this also gives your partner some time to process.

  • No matter how egoistic a person is, after getting some fresh air or some space, he/she will give a thought about his/her reactions out of their ego burst. If someone loves you, they will approach you with an apology. Well, in the case of egoistic partners, you can expect some change in behavior with a better mood rather than expecting a sorry or a direct apology.

  • Egoistic partners won't apologize directly. They show their guilty behavior in various ways like making a puppy face, taking an effort to make up the time they ruin it out of their ego, planning a day out or just come with a bouquet or some gifts. You may feel weird with their sudden change of behavior, but that is how they express their apologies. You must understand and accept them to make them feel assured that someone is there to look after them no matter what.

  • But do not leave the topic then and there. You don't have to drag it too by asking them again and again. Just let them how people around them and how you get hurt when they behave out of normalcy because of their egoism. Your partner must know your pain and your emotions. If your partner bothers about your feelings, you can experience a bit of change in them. But do not expect a drastic change.

  • If you still feel that your so-called egoistic partner is not giving a damn about how you feel and how you get hurt because of his/her behavior, then you must confront him/her and conclude instead of beating around the bush by suppressing your self-respect, by giving up your ego completely and by nodding your head for your partner's every single statement and treatment.

Always remember one thing, you must only handle people who can be handled and can understand your side of the story too. Egoism brings out recklessness, dominance, negligence, easy-going attitude in a person. If you accept every single trait of your egoistic partner, you would be taken for granted forever. With love, acceptance and proper communication, you can always handle your egoistic partner. If you come to know that nothing can change your partner, then you must let them free out of your relationship and leave them to burn in their ego for the good of yourself and your ego!

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