Ways to handle the true colors of your partner...

When someone says the phrase "true colors", we get easily offended, because this phrase has a positively negative impact. The word "truth" itself is a hard one to digest because we all love wandering in sweet lies rather than facing naked truths, especially in relationships. We expect our partners to be true to us, but sometimes we behave hypocritically against to our statements. We stay honest in a relationship and expect the same from the people we date, as a mandatory thing (indeed it is, but not for some). We expect freedom and we give freedom, but by restricting ourselves or come with a few terms and conditions of our partners.

There are many true colors in a person's life. Some come out when situation demands and some visible out of the byproducts of love like possessiveness, insecurity, jealousy, over-protectiveness, recklessness, taking for granted and many more. Most importantly, a person can encounter the true colors of his/her partner, especially when they decide to break up their paths. Because sometimes these true colors become the main reasons behind the breakups or the escaping routes to stay away from each other.

It's not the same with everyone. Most of the people stay true in their relationships with their partners by expressing whatever they feel in a crystal clear manner. But, in the process of being truthful and honest, these very people act blind enough to notice the true colors of their partners. Love may make a person trust another person without giving a chance to have a second thought, which is out of trust. When they experience the true colors of their partners, these true souls get broken so badly, sometimes may end them up not trusting another human being in their lives. But, that shouldn't how one must lead one's life. Hence, a person must know how to handle the true colors of his/her partner before, during and after a romantic relationship.

  • Words have the power to manipulate a person's way of thinking. Hence, never trust a person who is full of words. In the end, only actions matter because they let you know what a person truly is. Believe in the deeds of a person.

  • Irrespective of your honesty and truthfulness, take a test to a person's honesty before you make that person your someone special. Because, after making commitments, it always gets difficult and dirty. If you are bold enough, to be honest in showing your both weaknesses and strengths to a person, take one bold move to check the others' honesty. Focus on their weaknesses because strengths can be easily portrayed.

  • If you miss knowing about a person's preference, likes, dislikes, character traits and fall in love with anyone without having a clear picture of their personalities, then you must accept your mistake if you ever fail at your relationship.

  • If you don't like something, please do express it then and there without hesitating a bit. If you hesitate by thinking that person may leave you, you end up committing a big mistake for yourself. Because this is when you come to know a person truly. If he/she leaves, simply you deserve better. If he/she understands you, you can be proud of your choices. Simple!

  • When you take the freedom of expressing, you must also be open enough to let your partners express their feelings about your behavioral traits. Though you get offended sometimes, do not freak out and spill the words. Just take time and think about it. But, accept either of the extremes. If you are right, make your partner understand your behavior and if you think you are wrong, then accept it and sort the problem out to survive your relationship.

  • Not everyone is fortunate enough to explore the true colors of their partners. Because most of them suppress their true self to impress or to continue the relationship for materialistic pleasures. These kinds of people are very dangerous and their true colors could be difficult for you to digest. Because they portray totally different and opposite personalities when compared to before. Hold your senses properly and act upon them with the utmost maturity.

  • We get to encounter a different personality of our loved ones when they come to know that we may leave them because of various reasons. These people behave out of outrage, anxiety, fear of loss, societal pressures and clear egoistic issues. Always remember, a person spills out his true self when he/she loses his/her senses. We may think it's senseless, but indeed their actions make sense. So, be particular and sure enough to consider your partner post-breakup after you face all the senseless situations because who knows it may even get worse later though you give them a second chance.

  • Many issues arise between couples when they are dating or in a relationship. If you are sure enough to work it out wholeheartedly without having second thoughts, then go ahead to sort an issue out and to continue further. But if you feel that you lost the spark in your relationship, then drop the idea of being with that person, because after that you start faking your love, which may give you endless sleepless nights.