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Ways to handle people who are over flirtatious on dating apps!

Blogs like these pull out the experienced souls of us to get related to the virtual dating scenario. Gone are the days where some indecent stupids used to tease, comment and make people uncomfortable on roads while traveling to schools, colleges, and offices (mostly happened with girls). With the elevation of technology, these stupids became smart and started acting like viruses on dating apps to tease people online gracefully with masks on. But the concept of teasing has tilted towards flirting and these stupids are utilizing these dating apps as a platform to get laid by cornering people with fake personalities and emotions.

Strictly speaking, these sorts of people are generally the ones who are desperate about mingling with others in the aspects of sexual hookups. They just look out for getting laid with people by flirting in a way that the opposite person could believe his fake emotions. One must be cautious enough to sense the upcoming emotional trauma in their lives by handling these kinds of over flirtatious people. Wonder how? That's easy, having some self-control helps!

Two kinds of flirtatious people we meet on dating apps. One: People who pretend to be flirtatious just to look cool. Two: People who have worse intentions furthermore than sex. Handling the former ones is way easier than handling the latter ones. Because sometimes these latter ones turn out to be monsters who can't handle rejections.

  • Always sense the difference between a compliment, comment, and flirting. For suppose, you look gorgeous is a compliment. You look beautiful without spectacles is a comment. You are the most beautiful one I have ever come across in my life is surely flirting. Come on, are you serious, do you think that a particular person never comes across, already a booming celebrity on a silver screen? Hell, No.

  • Filter out the initial conversation and do the same regularly for at least three to four conversations. An over flirtatious person always ends up buttering you with sweet words. And all his phrases clearly show his intentions on sleeping with you.

  • Count the number of times, a person utters the word love in your context. Nobody loves anything so much on first sight. Not in this millennial era. If he/she loves every single aspect of yours, you can come to an opinion that you are being targeted for their upcoming desires.

  • An over flirtatious people always compare you with other beauty idols on earth and compliments beyond your expectations. Do not fall for them. They are just phrases and most of them are lies.

  • An over flirtatious person never talks about your plans, your lookout on life, your personal choices and preferences, but talk about your lifestyle, your earnings, your sexual fantasies, and all the materialistic topics. See the difference between a person who likes to walk with you in the rain under an umbrella and a person who likes to spend some intimate time under your sheets.

  • Do not judge everyone you meet on dating apps. But start analyzing people when they start treating you like a princess for no reason and especially people who call you their everything in the very first conversation.

  • Express your emotions when you feel uncomfortable with the unnecessary praising compliments you get from a person. That will make the other person take a step backward before planning something to destroy you in every way.

  • True emotions can never build up in one day. It takes a lot of time for a person to realize the true emotions. Hence, if someone says that they are emotionally connected with you on the day one of your virtual meets, he/she might be faking or else confused.

  • Over flirtatious people often end up faking their identities and appearances just to make others fall for them in any case to fulfill their desires. So, please make sure that they are originally themselves or not before heading towards further conversations. Video calls are the best way to find out the true appearances.

  • And if someone, predicting to be busy to pick up video calls more than three times. Block them then and there. They are a pure waste of time for you. They either just don't feel comfortable showing themselves or they are completely irrelevant with the face picture they sent you. Either way, you will be fucked up emotionally further, if you continue with them.

  • If you feel that the other person whom you are texting is over flirtatious, try cutting the conversations more often. This kind of behavior brings out the impatient true selves of people. Because no one can hold anger if someone cutting their every single phrase. And anger emotions help you to scrutinize the personality of a person.

  • In the process of analyzing over flirtatious people, do not lose control and judge every compliment you receive. As mentioned earlier, learn the difference between a compliment and flirting. This will surely help you to filter people out.

Cybercrimes are filed for the aspects of money looting, filming the intimate sessions and blackmailing, etc. The seed of these incidents is the trust we build on these undeserving filthy assholes. Emotions play an important role to trap a person to commit these illegal activities for money and sex. Materialistic and bodily pleasures are the main aspects of these over flirtatious people. These monsters act beautifully in a pleasant way to get a person under their control. And they slowly introduce the flavor of love in your life. They make people blindly believe in their act. They start controlling and abusing people under the name of love and emotions. Finally, they leave you after leaving a bad memory in your life.

Never fall for these over flirtatious comments. No one talks sweet all the time. Remember, including you, every person has flaws. Go with a person who sees your flaws and understands them. Do not go with a person who converts your flaw into a sugar coating compliment. At the end of the day, we are humans and we fall for such things. That's where you should use your self-control weapon to filter what's good and what's bad for you. Most importantly, never trust a person of words, trust a person of actions. And you know, dating apps run on words mostly.

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