Ways to handle fake people on dating apps!

The dating scenario has quite changed. Now under the name of modernity, in this technical millennial era, everything has become smart including people too. The dating scenario is virtual and digital now. With just one tap or one swipe on your smartphone, a person's life can start or even may stop. It became that easy. Previously, meeting and dating people was considered a big deal, but now it became different. People are meeting others, mostly strangers over a coffee, lunch, dinner, movie or even in beds for a hookup, so easily like buying vegetables from a known place. They say right when things become easier, the effects become hazardous. Nothing comes easily, if it comes, then you must be careful enough.

Because of the feasibility and flexibility of dating scenarios virtually, there are many chances for a person to get trapped emotionally and physically. There are too many dating apps for any kind of person belongs to any gender, any orientation, and any social status. Dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, Aisle and many more are ruling the dating era. And there is no rule that every person provides true information. Because it is hardly a resume for job application. Some are straight forward and truthful enough, whereas some are cunning, opportunistic and ultimately fake in every aspect. What if you fall for such fake people over a phone because of his/her deviating phrases and what if someone tries to trap you because this is becoming one of the common problems for many people.

  • Do not react to the messages immediately, when you receive from a profile that has no display picture and proper details. Also, ignore all the celebrity display picture profiles. They are the most annoying ones.

  • Wait until they send their pictures and a piece of basic information about themselves to you. React to the messages, only if they do so. If not, simply ignore, because after some time you surely do that because of the annoying and desperate sex proposals from these random strangers. So, do not get into the mess.

  • You can always know a person's mindset through his approach or conversation style. If a person denies to show himself on dating apps, but showing utmost interest to talk to you, think twice before sending a single message because that person could be useless for your dating life.

  • Generally, all the faceless profiles in dating apps, mostly look for hookups and nothing more than that. If you also want to hook up with someone, then you can ask for further details. If you have a different agenda, then screw those profiles. Block or delete them. Simple!

  • For suppose, if you look for a hookup and you are open about it, but you receive messages from faceless profiles or the profile which you may find suspicious, instead of just asking their pictures, try to contact them through a video calling option. You will get to know the truth by this move. Because, if the other person is real, he/she will pick it up, if not he/she just denies it. These kinds of people come with a stupid approach by saying that "Let's meet in person". All you have to do is to just bid a bye. That's it!

  • And apply this simple rule in your dating life. If you are true to others, please expect the same from ot