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Ways to handle an Overprotective person in a relationship...

Relationships are commitments in which a couple protect and care for each other in any kind of circumstances, because of the bond they share that blossoms out of love. When two people are in love, you can still expect some kind of discrepancy anytime, but when you listen to two people saying that they are in a committed relationship, which means they are ready to handle all the discrepancies they come across. And that particular commitment makes person care, bother and protect his/her partner to make sure he/she is safe, secure and satisfied. The byproducts of love are both positive and negative traits. But some byproducts seem positive, but they gradually develop as negative as time goes or a person entertains them. Being protective is one of those byproducts of love. Protecting your partner is good, but sometimes without your knowledge, you protect way too much that it goes beyond the limits and also sometimes you may allow your partner rule over you under the name of protection and care. Hence, you must know how to deal with this fluctuating trait of love, within you and your partner too.

  • The thought of protecting or caring for our loved ones is so sacred and pure. Only a few people can mean it when they attempt it because most of them do it for the sake of saving their relationship. So, understand the fine line difference between actual caring and fake caring. If calling and asking whether you have your food or how your day went, makes you feel that your partner care for you, then you are mistaken. A person who cares for you makes an effort to turn a bad day into a good day, not just ask for the sake of knowing your mood.

  • Before judging your partner as overprotective, you must understand whether he /she is truly being caring for you or not. And never judge your partner as overprotective if he/she tries to say something good for your wellness when you don't like to listen to them or taking suggestions. Keep calm and understand the fact that why your partner is concerned about the issue which may not be safer for you. So, always know the facts properly and consider your partner, whether he/she is protective or over-protective.

  • For suppose, if you find your partner as over-protective, do not say that on his/her face, because it worsens the situation because no one likes to listen to the truth, especially in the middle of heated arguments. Instead of saying in the face, convey it to your partner in a way he/she can understand.

  • Even though you face a little discomfort when your partner showers his over caring nature about you, never nag about it all time. If you keep on poking the same area, that space becomes numb. So, if you keep telling him that he is overprotective, he takes it as rubbish and starts ignoring the fact that he is overprotective and he may try to avoid the conversation too.

  • Over-protection always end up crunching the freedom of love, which is a very serious aspect and also may lead to permanent breakups too. When you protect your partner more than required, you start occupying the space in mind and unintentionally you overpower your partner, which turns you into an insecure and doubtful person. This is when the positive trait of care turns into a negative trait of restriction. You unknowingly restrict your partner to do something he/she likes just to make sure that he/she must be safe and secure. You may start restricting the schedules, people your partner meets and even the financial expenses too. Don't you think, over-protection is dangerous!?

  • So, when you sense that your partner is becoming this overprotective person, you must stand for yourself and make him understand the value of your space, freedom and the things you love to do no matter what regardless of failures, hardships, wounds or cuts, whatever. And also when you sense that you are becoming over caring in your relationship, keep calm and step in the shoes of your partner and try walking a mile, you will understand the suffocation in your relationship.

  • Protecting each other is good and the most appreciated quality in a relationship but when it exceeds, it slowly turns you out into those people who suffocate each other by endless unnecessary terms and conditions in your love life. Love must make you breathe, not suffocate.

  • Communication always plays a major role in a relationship. So if you feel something which bothers you, then you must take initiation in keeping the word in front of your partner to make him understand how the protection is diverting its path and heading towards restriction or insecurity. Sometimes, misunderstandings can ruin a beautiful relationship. And if you don't tell your partner that he is getting overprotective, then someday he may misunderstand you if you don't listen to him.

  • Entertaining and encouraging the over-protective nature of a person is equally toxic to encourage a prisoner to commit a crime. If you take over care as love, then that will stand against you and your freedom one day. So, always be cautious enough when to stop and sort it out by communicating like matured adults. Because only teenagers and kids love whatever shit partners do or commit.

  • You will easily get hurt if your partner says that you are becoming over-protective in a relationship and when that happens, keep this in mind, that you truly are an over caring person. Truth hurts while a lie soothes. So, instead of firing on your partner, take the time to check yourself, your moves and instincts towards your partners' safety and security.

Everything in this world is only good and harmless when it is limited. If it exceeds, even the best may turn into deadliness which is hazardous to everyone around you and especially to you. So, keep protecting your partner's health and wealth by not applying too much force. Keep it simple and natural. You must allow a plant to face sunlight, wind, and rains, if you cover it with a thick shield, it won't blossom a flower, rather it may die. Understand it.

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