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Ways to get rid of problems while vacationing if you are a homosexual couple

From boarding the flights to getting checked in hotels, from ordering food at restaurants to going shopping together, from roaming around museums to peacefully hanging out at beaches, everywhere, a homosexual couple is treated differently mostly out of judgmental criticism and the level of microaggression increases if the couple is open about their same-sex relationship. Hence, traveling in the home country or abroad inevitably make a gay couple or a lesbian couple, feel a bit uncomfortable with all the unnecessary issues around.

If you are an openly homosexual couple who has already been out there for vacationing you must have surely encountered some demeaning situations, especially when you displayed your love publicly! Some couples don't mind their surroundings but some get over-conscious and afraid of people and locations while vacationing. Firstly, you don't have to step back in showcasing your love for all the setbacks you encounter during traveling instead you must know how to get rid of such problems and act smartly to deal with the situations!

  • Knowing about the place, people, culture, tradition, societal norms, the queer scenario of a particular location is very important than planning and booking to visit any place on this earth. Of course, the world views have broadened in the aspect of the queer community, but it hasn't widened enough to accept you as a same-sex couple every single spot on this earth.

  • Keep your information clear. Do quick research by surfing online or by reading reviews on travel websites before stepping into a particular country. Because if you misread the situation and you behave like a typical homosexual couple in the place where the same-sex concept is illegal, there are many chances for you to end up behind the bars, or worse enough, you may get hurt! A few countries in the Middle East, Africa, a few states in North & South America, even a few states in India, don't encourage the gay concept at all. They are very stubborn enough to understand, and it takes time for them to grow. So, don't disturb them!

  • It's always better for you to opt for the places, countries, hotels, resorts, cruises which are queer-friendly. Why get into risks when you can experience a completely different side of the world which embraces you with extended hands? If you are planning for a gay-cation, queer spots must be on your bucket list so that you can explore your orientation and also fill your traveling diaries too!

  • Not everyone in this world needs to know that you are in love. Always remember a society consists of two sets of people, one who accepts you and one who repels you. Don't give a chance for perverts to question your love by publicly displaying your affection excessively. Do you know that kissing on roads is still illegal in India, even for heterosexuals? So, behave accordingly so that you won't get into trouble. Well, no one can stop you from holding your partner's hand, though!

  • Make sure you stay in a place where you feel safer and secure roaming around with your partner instead of keeping financial and entertainment aspects in mind. Just because you get a resort room for a cheaper price or find a great stay at the most happening place in the city, you don't have to board in the hotels that don't respect your emotions and most importantly who keep asking you ridiculous questions regarding your relationship with your partner.

  • You must be extremely cautious enough with these over involving hoteliers, cabbies, and vendors you may regularly visit during your vacation. Maintain minimum communication. Don't spill so much personal information. Answer when it is needed. Greet and meet when it is mandatory. Most importantly do not trust anyone blindly. Simple!

  • Be on the same page. You are a couple, so behave like two people who are on the same romantic bond. Don't act like two strangers with two conflicting opinions all the time. While vacationing, you must understand, adjust and get along with your partner instead of fighting and giving a chance for miscommunication. Keep this in your mind, if you go to a new place, people observe no matter how much space you maintain with the outside world. Never give a chance for a third one to involve in your vacation.

  • Financially, be alert. Talk and sort out every time you make an expenditure. Make sure you don't run out of money. Always maintain some liquid cash with either of you. It is okay to check your wallets twice before leaving the places you visit. While shopping, keep an eye on your partner and his/her expenses so that you have a count on your money, your budget, and the need to refilling your wallets with some extra cash.

  • In every couple, one person acts super alert and the other person remains as the one who doesn't give a damn if the earth shatters. This is a common aspect in every homosexual couple. Stick to your roles, be responsible for your duties to commit while vacationing, and control your travel moods.

  • Traveling lite is a massive task indeed. But you must reduce the baggage as possible as you can. Always keep an eye on your belongings and don't freak out if you accidentally miss counting one of your luggage bags. Split the duties of luggage and maintain the chemistry in looking after yourselves and your belongings.

Being a homosexual couple, your love always gets judged and criticized by people around you. Keep calm and just ignore them instead of reacting to every person. You must react to some devaluing and demeaning people if they throw some degrading comments on you or your partner, but only if it is needed to react. It's hard for a homosexual couple to roam around like a typical heterosexual couple. But, the world has changed so much. At least you can take your partner out on a vacation, unlike the previous days where same-sex couples used to spend their time in between four walls. Things will change even more for sure.

Instead of ruining your vacation on the wrong people, create opportunities to spend time with your partner full of love and peace to explore a new place, a new country, a new culture, a set of new traditions and indeed you can explore the new side of your partner and yourself too. During your vacation, you may encounter some serious and funny situations too, but always stay strong, confident, and beside your partner! Show the world, the power of true love!

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