Ways to get along with Geeks...

Two minutes of silence to all those people who think being geeky is all about wearing glasses! You must know that it is way more beyond than just a fashion statement. A person who loves carrying glasses all-time with his outfits as a style add on, then he/she will be considered a person with geeky fashion sense. Previously, even this fashion geek style used to labeled as boring, but time has changed, now it became a complete fashion statement. But the personalities are altogether different from fashion statements right!

Geeks are the people who express interest in things, which others show less interest. So, if you think being a geek is all about speaking about social fantasies and superpowers, then you are wrong. Geeks find peculiar interests in a few subjects which seem boring to most of the people but these remain super excited, obsessed, and curious about getting into the deeper sources of information and sharing it with the world. Indeed, geeks endure the ones who can provide you the crystal clear information about subjects you barely imagine exist on earth. In one word, they are interestingly diverse, but very few people can understand them and their words and most importantly their theories!

Gay geeks are the one tribe that doesn't get typically categorized based on sexual preferences or body type or hair type. Physical attributes have nothing to do with this particular gay tribe. Gay geeks lookout for people who show interest in their subjects and with whom they can share their interests. The Gay geek tribe is all about mental and emotional attractions, but not physical attractions. The fact is they aren't easy to get along with because it takes a person to perceive their souls first rather than bodies. And at the same they are not extremely problematic too, all you need is to discover a few ways to get along with them!

You may have a good body, good looks, and a hell lot of money to take a person for lavish dates, until and unless you got a good brain, nothing will work with a gay geek. Your muscles may allure him to sleep with you, but your hot body can't make him share his life with you. So, it's always worthier to sock up your knowledge instead of working out in gyms if you want to date a gay geek!

Stories excite them most. Even if you share your struggling or happy life stories, they never judge and get away from you. They are good tale-tellers and good listeners too. You must also be good enough in listening and be prepared to acquire new things, which may make you feel bored and uninteresting sometimes, but for them stories entangled with this weird universe always seem interesting.

Most people consider and assume them as "Sapiosexuals" just because they talk about knowledge. Gay geeks are gays and they attracted to men of any type they like, they don't just look out for people who are intelligent and sexually attracted to brilliant brains like sapiosexuals. Gay geeks get attracted in every possible way to people who are like-minded, share similar interests, and the ones who make them feel special and wanted. Homosexual geeks are not sapiosexuals. Period!

Yes, the superheroes, anime, universal mysteries, mythological stories, histories, fantasies drive them crazy, but that doesn't mean you take a comic book to your first date to gift your gay geek partner. It's like stereotyping in the face. Never do that. Treat him like a normal person with special interests and try to listen to him. Your boastful personality makes your situation worse, so try to be genuine. If you don't know about the stuff, he speaks, asks him directly instead of faking it as you know it already. This may immerse you completely. Come on, asking something you know and looking into his eyes while he explains things to you, is such a romantic scene. Don't forego an opportunity like that!

Good music, long drives to the mountains and woods, cozy picnics, book reading sessions, art exhibitions, museums are the places gay geeks like to explore than enjoying a coffee at Starbucks and shopping in huge malls. Their hobbies suggest their interests in getting out and exploring the places. So, try focusing on their hobbies and know about those hobbies better to plan a tremendous surprise for your partner. A good book is eternally a better gift than an expensive pair of shoes.

This doesn't mean all the gay geeks maintain a low profile or have a simple lifestyle. Some gay geeks are obsessed with crazy video games. You can't even match their knowledge in such things, and you feel completely left out in their world. So save up more to gift him a thunderous game which brings thousand-volt spark in his eyes. Elite or simple, gay geeks always run behind obsession about subjects that interest them the most.