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Ways to gear up for this year's Galentine's day!

Woohoo! The season of love is finally here and after successfully crossing January, here we are in the month of February which is popular for everything in and around love, especially the inescapable Valentine's day. Well, if you wonder why the 'V' in the title is substituted with 'G', then you must have no idea about the concept of celebrating love with your girl pals. After airing the remarkable episode of "Parks and Recreation" in 2010, where one of the main characters Leslie invites her female friends over a brunch to celebrate exclusive Valentine's Day on February 13th, people have started adopting this cosy ritual of celebrating Galentine's day! The exclusivity of including only girls is the best part and over the years, even queer people started celebrating with their 'gal-pals'. So, why not gear up and prepare to make this year's Galentine's day more memorable for our female friends? If you are someone who loves planning and hosting Galentine's celebrations with your girl pals, then you must know a few fun ways to do it.

To begin with, understand the importance of little things in life by appreciating our bonds with females and femininity in and around us. We all are blessed with females in our life scenarios be it in friends' circles, workspaces, clubs, gyms, recreation facilities or even in our neighbourhoods. Don't you think gathering together on a gala day to appreciate the existence of feminine energy, especially the day before Valentine's day to show off, showcase and shower love on our loved female ones? Gays have girl besties, lesbians maintain female pacts, bisexuals balance the feminine aura around them, transgenders ultimately embrace femininity and even every heterosexual male has at least one girl best friend to share every life happening. When we all seek love, support and affection from females around us, isn't it a lovely thing to celebrate Galentine's day in the name of girl power?

  • Reach out to your female friends this February to wish them love and happiness through your words. Call them, text them and poke them if you have lost contact. If you like to be personal, then send cards with your handwritten messages, and deliver them flowers if your girl bestie is way far from you. There are too many ways to reach your gal pals. Consequently, don't hesitate!

  • If you are a group of girls who always go out and have fun together, then you must celebrate Galentine's day together by planning exclusively to devote it to each other without involving any male energy. Plan for a short getaway, go shopping together, watch an entertaining movie together, have a crazy street food haul, and most importantly spare some time to appreciate those girls' day vibes you always carry when you are together.

  • Pull your introverted girl bestie out of her shell this Galentine's day to unveil your extrovert world for one day and be with her to remark how deeply you love her presence. Also ask your extrovert girl bestie to spend some relaxing time with you over coffee, conversations, books, arts, and a homely atmosphere to show how you like to spend with your bestie in your way. It is all about encapsulating each other's contrasting personalities. Galentine's day is the best time to propose this kind of role-shifting hangout with your girl bestie.

  • Why do couples have all the fun every Valentine's day when you have a girl gang who are singles and don't want to mingle or celebrate typical V-day romantic moments? And what's better than Galentine's day to celebrate the power of your girl gang in various possible ways? Reserve a resort, have an exotic stay, eat delicious food and drink till you get tipsy yet enjoy your girly vibe to show this season of love isn't only dedicated to couples and their romance.

  • Gays love men romantically for sure but they share, gossip and spend most of their time with their gal pals. If you are that gay person who remains a gay best friend to all the girls in your circle from nooks and corners of the world, then it feels amazing if you spare some time to tell them how much you love them. Obviously, you may frequently tell them but make it a bit more special to observe their feminine energy this Galentine's day. Also, host special love celebrations with your boyfriend by inviting all your girl pals to your place to portray your love. Even if you are single, schedule an enthusiastic girls' day out only with your girl besties to pre-celebrate Valentine's, a day before!

  • Have you ever experienced the eternal energy of a lesbian gang with females of various identities and appearances? It reaches beyond your expectation level, and it's quite hard to handle, though. That feminine aura is enough to elevate Galentine's day celebrations. So plan perfectly to gather at one of your friend's places for a house party, gift yourselves some exotic spa sessions or make it more romantic and sensual, you can all plan for an orgy session (puns intended.) Don't you think being adventurous befits a group of females to boost Galentine's day celebrations?

  • Plus, if you like to know where this trend of celebrating Galentine's day actually started? Then plan out a binge-watching session with all your girl pals to complete all seven seasons of the series 'Parks and Recreation' over a hell lot of food and drinks. Undoubtedly, these seasons make you appreciate the value of devoted friendships.

  • And if you are someone who doesn't believe in such celebrations, ask your girl pals to pitch in some money to contribute to a cause. Being charitable under the name of love, friendship and affection isn't an impractical idea at all. Find an organisation that targets women's empowerment to contribute money to spread happiness and love to other females too.

All these ways make you get back to the most gracious female personalities you ever found in your life. And this season of love, it is momentous to present a token of love to your female friends to shower your love in your way.


Dedicating this blog to all my dearest girl pals to show my love this Valentine's month! Thanks for making me your Gay bestie and hope you all have the craziest Galentine's Day this year!

Love love!

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