Ways to find that you are in a fake relationship!

Everyone can get into a relationship easily in this present virtual fast-moving scenario but are you sure whether you in a true relationship or else forcing yourself to be in a relationship even though you know it's fake or you just simply don't have a bare minimum idea about the reality of your relationship? Well, the moment you feel something uneasy and uncomfortable in your love or relationship, instead of only checking yourself, you must also find how deeply your partner is into you.

Indeed, there is no such thing as called fake relationship or fake love, but there's surely this thing called Conditional love. Though it's challenging for humans to shower unconditional love, it's still not impossible. We see too many couples around have zero expectations of each other and always search for opportunities to be with each other and to grow together. But unfortunately, some people aren't made for this unconditional love, hence they constantly lay conditions to their partners. And if that happens and regrettably, if you fall in love with such a person, you can mark your relationship as fake. Here are some of the basic ways to find that your partner is more into conditions and less into love!

If your partner always complains about your bed moments and never feels satisfied with whatever you offer in sex consensually and always forces you to experiment sensually, then your partner's behavior specifies that he or she loves you only if you are worthy in bed. To find it, try doing whatever your partner asks for once and denies it the next time. You w