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Ways to find that you are in a fake relationship!

Everyone can get into a relationship easily in this present virtual fast-moving scenario but are you sure whether you in a true relationship or else forcing yourself to be in a relationship even though you know it's fake or you just simply don't have a bare minimum idea about the reality of your relationship? Well, the moment you feel something uneasy and uncomfortable in your love or relationship, instead of only checking yourself, you must also find how deeply your partner is into you.

Indeed, there is no such thing as called fake relationship or fake love, but there's surely this thing called Conditional love. Though it's challenging for humans to shower unconditional love, it's still not impossible. We see too many couples around have zero expectations of each other and always search for opportunities to be with each other and to grow together. But unfortunately, some people aren't made for this unconditional love, hence they constantly lay conditions to their partners. And if that happens and regrettably, if you fall in love with such a person, you can mark your relationship as fake. Here are some of the basic ways to find that your partner is more into conditions and less into love!

If your partner always complains about your bed moments and never feels satisfied with whatever you offer in sex consensually and always forces you to experiment sensually, then your partner's behavior specifies that he or she loves you only if you are worthy in bed. To find it, try doing whatever your partner asks for once and denies it the next time. You will see the change for yourself.

Does your partner take you out only if you look good and appealing enough with makeup and typical deck-up condition? Expertly, he or she is laying a condition in your relationship that he or she only loves you if you look good. But you can't look good all the time and love isn't about looks! So wake up my dear, test your partner by looking as ugly as you can!

Do you have a feeling that your partner stays with your just because you are successful and popular? Well, why delay and struggle within you. Test him or her by playing a prank that you no more have your job or your popularity got crashed with a slight mistake. And see how your partner reacts. If you encounter an odd experience where your partner says that he or she will be in love with you only if you are famous and wealthy, then yeah it's time for you to throw that shitty partner out of your life!

Unconditional love is not becoming a dog or a slave to your partner. It's all about understanding and behaving accordingly regardless of various hurdles. If you listen and act for your partner's every single instruction and encourages him or her to say that he or she only loves you when you listen to him or her, then it's a fake relationship. You aren't a dog to wiggle your tail for your master's instruction!

Love is respecting each other's beliefs and faiths! If you are an inter-religion, inter-racial, inter-communal, inter-continental couple, then you must make sure whether you respect each other's beliefs without judging or throwing criticism and most importantly if your partner forces you to believe what he or she believes, no matter what, it's a fake love or fake relationship!

Having control of your partner is fine but up to an extent. Controlling must be an aspect of protection, not an aspect of over possessiveness and monarchial behavior. If you feel that your partner is controlling every single move of your life and tells you that he or she will only be with you if you accept every life decision he or she makes for you, then it's fake and your relationship depends on only one person will. That's toxic.

Are you an extrovert or outgoing or too crazy to handle or kind of unmanageable? Then yeah, every single moment your partner informs you that he or she loves you only if you behave properly by suppressing your emotions, you feel like stepping out of your relationship. Then why do you stop yourself? The person with whom you think you are in love or a relationship is someone who can only be with you if you are too decent and shut your mouth. He or she can't bear your broad-mindedness. So, it's better to end it up rather than sticking to a person who can't understand your basic personality trait.

Encouraging the behavior of toxic people like drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers, psychologically screwed-up people, is never good. So, if your so-called partner forewarns you that he or she can be with you only if you encourage his or her idiotic HIGH behavior, then rip off the whole la-la-land you built around him or her. Because, that is not loving, it's needing someone to handle when that person is high enough to handle himself.

Last but not least, this is a kind of a complicated thing and very few people can understand. But open up your mind and also your thought process. Love is not a business transaction or a bartering system. So if your partner repetitively tells you that he or she only loves you when you love him or her back, without appreciating the value of your love, then yeah consider your partner as a person who doesn't know what love is all about. So, when your partner barely knows the definition of love, how do you think that your relationship could be true? No sane person asks to love him back. It's only one way without expecting and receiving whatever you get. If you shower true love, you get the same and if you don't then you are showering your love on the wrong person!

So, yeah work with these ways to find whether you are in a fake relationship or else a true relationship!

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