Ways to face the bullies at school if you are a gay teen!

Being a teenager is fun but it also acts as a phase that grows a person into someone intensely strong or extremely weak because the psychology of a teenager is quite impulsive, spontaneous, and instant. The decision-making process doesn't involve the thoughts of consequences and criticism. Hence, a teenager must think twice before acting and unfortunately, this kind of thinking comes in a rare phenomenon. That is the very reason why bullies exist at schools who can make other students' lives a living hell with their comments, trolls, calling names, and going to several extremes of physical and mental abuse.

Statistics say almost every gay teenager faces this kind of environment during their education where they spend most of the time with other students, friends, people from different diversities, cultures, traditions, and most importantly mindsets. Not every parent brings up their kids with basic sex knowledge including sexual orientations and gender identities. Hence, students at school remain ignorant regarding the existence of queer orientations. With societal norms and influence, they consider being gay as a reason to bully as if it is something odd, awkward and wrong. Even the school curriculums hardly add queer community topics.

If you are a teenager who is queer, you must keep in mind that when society acts against you and your identity, instead of ignoring and sobbing, try standing for yourself by raising your voice to make sure people respect, accept, and get along with you. Needless to say, you must go through some hurdles, but they are worth facing especially when you realize the change you bring among the people who point fingers at you and try to poke you for being you.