Ways to "Exit" the world of your "Ex"...

Love happens easily and it is simple and sweet. But heartbreaks are difficult. They are bitter rejections that a person can't handle it. The only common thing between the phases of love and breakup is the number of sleepless nights a person spend by thinking about his/her partner. It's just the status of that particular partner's transfer from current to ex. Sounds simple, but feels harder than rock. People transform from sweethearts to stone-hearts. The paths slightly turn out to the rocky paths, unlike the smooth and clear paths that a person feel in love.

Everything changes but a person can't accept those changes, either suddenly or after some certain point of time. Talking about exiting those clear paths and entering the rocky paths, it clearly says, that a person successfully ended up with the phase of love. The heartbreak phase is difficult to handle, but not as difficult as rocket science. Everything is simple when we feel it as simple. Unfortunately, people can't take these breakups simple. The weight of the emotions become heavy and slowly people start living in the toxic world of their partners and ruin their life by wasting time on the people who never turn back. Hence, one must take certain ways to exit those rocky paths of heartbreaks to enjoy the further clear roads happily.

  • Self-respect and Self-control are the major keys to unlock those clear paths. Do you think that you deserve to be disrespected by someone who can't understand and your feelings? Can't you control your emotions by not wasting them on a person who doesn't even give a thought about your existence? Are you worthless? Feel the questions and answer yourself.

  • Clear the issues with your ex-partner. Ask him/her a perfect reason to leave you or to break the relationship with you. If your partner gives you a valid reason, then accept it and try not to repeat it by convincing them. If he/she doesn't like to get back to you anyhow, then you must respect his/her decision. If your partner gives you an invalid reason or stupid excuses, chuck it off the relationship then and there. Everyone deserves a clear mindset.

  • Cry it out loud and scream like crazy, if you have those unexpressed and piled up emotions in you which are choking you indeed. Tears are the answers for many and they can make a person forget about things and boost up the confidence. And that doesn't mean, one must cry every single day, thinking about their ex-partners. Give it a day or two and be strong for the next day to see life in a new way.

  • Explore the people around you. Give time to your friends and family. Express your breakup story with your closest pals. Sometimes, their inputs may work for you like magic. Be with people, express your emotions and get mingled up with them to get connected with new ones.

  • If the places around you are acting as memories of your past relationship and making you uncomfortable, pack your bags and go on a solo trip. Do things what you like. Talk to new people. Sleep in new places. But do it all alone by yourself. You will see the change. The clouds get cleared and the sunshine will direct you towards new destinations.

  • Be practical enough. The person who left you might have already in another relationship or enjoying his life without your presence. When your ex can lead a happy life, why can't you do that? You are also a human being like him/her.

  • Smile and laugh out loud. Show your happiness to people. Fake it if you are not happy. One day you will be really happy. Happiness sometimes can tear people who left you with no reason.

  • Develop new habits (not talking about alcoholism and drugs). Do something you love to do when you are sad to get back to your happy moods. Always push yourself away from the world of your ex-partner.

  • Cherish every memory you shared with your ex and do not think about the effects made by those memories. Be matured enough to handle rejections, breakups and sudden demises your ex-partners.

  • Always put yourself ahead in any relationship. This will make you feel less pain and gradually you end up with no pain because you will be still having you for all by yourself. People can leave you, but you can never leave yourself. Hence, think about YOU and being you.

  • Do not think about avenging your ex-partner for the breakup. That degrades you in every possible way and make your paths stormy. Instead, leave it to Karma, because it's a bitch which can handle people who play with it.

  • Be sad for a while. Take all the pain until you can handle it. Think about your past, present, and future. Wait for some miracle to happen to get back to your ex. And if that doesn't happen within months. Stop hoping for something which you can never get it. Start moving on with your life by having hope for a better future without your ex. At the end of the day, your world can still run without your ex.

Life never ends. It endures. So you must carry on with your life with or without people you love or hate. In this current speed dating scenario, people became too practical to understand these little things in love, but there are a few people out there who still stuck up in the toxicity of their ex-partners and destroying their life by not able to recognize the beautiful world with the beautiful world around them. Follow the way that leads you to flowery gardens, not to the thorny roads.

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