Ways to "Exit" the world of your "Ex"...

Love happens easily and it is simple and sweet. But heartbreaks are difficult. They are bitter rejections that a person can't handle it. The only common thing between the phases of love and breakup is the number of sleepless nights a person spend by thinking about his/her partner. It's just the status of that particular partner's transfer from current to ex. Sounds simple, but feels harder than rock. People transform from sweethearts to stone-hearts. The paths slightly turn out to the rocky paths, unlike the smooth and clear paths that a person feel in love.

Everything changes but a person can't accept those changes, either suddenly or after some certain point of time. Talking about exiting those clear paths and entering the rocky paths, it clearly says, that a person successfully ended up with the phase of love. The heartbreak phase is difficult to handle, but not as difficult as rocket science. Everything is simple when we feel it as simple. Unfortunately, people can't take these breakups simple. The weight of the emotions become heavy and slowly people start living in the toxic world of their partners and ruin their life by wasting time on the people who never turn back. Hence, one must take certain ways to exit those rocky paths of heartbreaks to enjoy the further clear roads happily.

  • Self-respect and Self-control are the major keys to unlock those clear paths. Do you think that you deserve to be disrespected by someone who can't understand and your feelings? Can't you control your emotions by not wasting them on a person who doesn't even give a thought about your existence? Are you worthless? Feel the questions and answer yourself.