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Ways to emerge as a strong lesbian couple!

Well, lesbians don't need a special introduction when it comes to the queer community because they already took the first spot in the acronym of queer representation but still many people remain quite ignorant in recognizing the existence of homosexuality in womanhood. Fortunately, by overcoming everyday hurdles many girls and women announce their sexual orientation as lesbians to celebrate their queer life scenarios proudly. To appreciate queer life, a queer person has to go through many sets of struggles to emerge as powerful. It even applies to lesbians too especially the ones who choose to be in relationships with fellow females by breaking the sexual stereotypes and gender norms.

Strong has nothing to do with exhibiting your bodily strength or forcibly behaving like typical tomboys who don't give a damn to societal notions. Strong implies the emotional and psychological balance in a relationship. A lesbian couple must come out so strong in a way that no one should question the ability to be a couple and completely normalize the queer relationship scene in and around. To emerge as a strong lesbian couple, you must be strong enough to build your relationship stronger.

  • Agree with it or not, the sensitive factor in femininity eternally exists a bit more than masculinity. It's a boon and a curse too for every female out there. Boon if you utilize it for yourself to understand your partner and curse if you entertain others by getting succumbed to their opinions. Manage your sensitive side smartly and be a couple who shows compassion and empathy to each other and at the same time, be extremely cautious enough to not let others take advantage of your soft side.

  • You must not think that your relationship is abnormal. Until and unless you accept the queer factor of your relationship as quite normal, you can't embrace yourself and your partner too. You are a lesbian couple and make sure you portray and depict it as normal as a straight couple. Never step back, especially amidst heterosexual couples. Always mark your territory as a strong couple!

  • It is unusual that people always call you a lesbian couple and never just a couple. Make peace with it. Don't get offended, you must feel proud to be observed by tagging your orientation. It takes time for the world to consider queer couples as just as straight couples. Have patience in your mind and actions because that makes you stronger to build a strong relationship.

  • If your orientation is lesbian and you fall for a bisexual female, you may always struggle with endless doubts and trust issues. Don't ruin yourself by overthinking. Just remember one thing, if a bisexual girl/woman chooses you as a partner over men out there, be proud of your lovable personality. Be it a bisexual female or a lesbian, build trust in your partner and show intense commitment to your girl. Don't fall under the roof of stereotypical jealous lesbians who constantly doubt themselves and their partners.

  • Encourage each other in whatever career phase you both are. Never discourage your partner from doing what she covets to achieve in one's life. Imagine, coming out as a lesbian is a mark of freedom and if you restrict your partner in any possible way, then what's the point of being a queer person. You can emerge stronger when you both protect each other physically, mentally, psychologically and even financially.

  • Take your time, sort your options, talk about your sexual roles, understand each other's tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes, develop emotional intimacy and increase the ability to love each other by not losing one's individuality and identity. Don't rush yourself and your partner in terms of getting committed as a lesbian couple who live together and get married one fine day. Be mature enough to recognize what you want and get what you desire. In the process of getting committed seriously, don't commit serious mistakes.

  • At the same time, be hopeful and positive about your future. Be it a live-in relationship, an open relationship, or even a married relationship, aim for the survival of the relationship as a strong lesbian couple. Don't stress out much. You don't have to fake to motivate others by providing lesbian couple goals to the world. If you take things simply serious to build a strong relationship, you end up making other struggling lesbians look up to you and you keep inspiring by being you.

  • Don't let unnecessary sexual attractions, and sensual tensions divert you from your partner. Be open about what you want, and how you like your partner to be with you. Maintain transparency about almost everything and most importantly communicate whenever you feel the need for a confrontation or a discussion. Allow others to involve in your relationship only if you feel the dire need for another person's opinion. Most importantly never step back if you think you need a couple-therapy because that helps any couple regardless of orientation and identity.

  • You don't have to be hard on yourself to be strong and portray your relationship as stronger. Be that lesbian couple who is strong enough to balance individualities and companionship equally without affecting each other's mental peace. You can emerge as a strong lesbian couple when you think and act strong.

Happy Lesbian Visibility Week to all our viewers!

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