Ways to celebrate this Pride Month with your love interest!

Don't you think Pride month is the next best time after Valentine's month, for you to express your love for someone you have feelings for? Indeed, the "love is love" factor supports your emotions pretty well to let your dating partner accept your proposal but before that, you need to show your love interest how the committed life is going to be with you by celebrating your queer love this pride month in some romantic ways. Hence, if you are a queer person who fell in love with another queer person and practically evaluates every possible angle for you both to move further, from dating to a serious relationship, you must utilise Pride month to the fullest to mark your relationship beginnings!

  • June is the initial month of Monsoons and it is way romantic if you consider vacationing with your dating partner to any spot that looks beautiful during the rains. Here the aspect of nature definitely uplifts your spirit to go ahead and express what's there in your mind, be it a live-in relationship or even a long-distance relationship, anything serious can become simple on a cosy trip with your dating partner. Make sure, you go to a place which is queer-friendly and not at all conservative because all you need is peace, not privacy issues.

  • Pride month can be celebrated alone, with your queer pals but celebrating it with your love interest always feels special because it gives you that vibe of being with someone who can understand your queer personality and considers your queer love as normal as any straight couple. Hence, to spill your queer love vibes to the world out there, go for a long drive because it's romantic and also allows you time to explore each other's ideologies regarding love but yes, make sure that you don't argue on silly topics and ruin your moods while coming back. The motto is to celebrate your queer love not to portray that queer love can never happen!

  • Going out on a fancy date for lunch or dinner is always a good option but to make it better, you go to a restaurant which your partner fantasises about the most and also pick another day to go to a place which you fantasise the most. This gives a perspective of perceiving each other's interests, likes and preferences in terms of lifestyle. Before getting into a committed relationship, you must analyse every particular aspect to make sure you both won't get disappointed with each other's choices. Here fancy date doesn't mean stepping into expensive restaurants, if your partner likes to have hot tea and samosa under a roadside tea stall, go explore it and at the same time take your partner to your favourite biryani point. Follow the choices. Simple!

  • If you both are two different extremes, for instance, if your partner is an extrovert, then try living in the shoes of your partner for at least one day to celebrate pride month according to your partner's way and similarly convince your partner to stay with you and chill at home by watching queer movies over popcorn and coke like your typical introvert way of celebrating any occasion. Pride month is all about being proud of yourself and if you are a queer couple, you need to be proud of your partner no matter how opposite you are to your partner.