Ways to celebrate Pride Month during lockdown amidst the Pandemic!

Unlike previous years where people used to happily spill their queer vibes throughout the world with various queer festivals, pride parades, and events, currently celebrating pride month like old times is impossible and impractical because the world has been going through a severe pandemic since 2020. But we need to observe pride month and must celebrate in any possible way to inspire, move and motivate queer people in these hard times. Amidst the pandemic, we can still celebrate even though there are various restrictions like lockdowns and curfews.

All you need is love and zeal to celebrate pride month to fight all the odds against the queer community. With a will, one must recognize ways to celebrate by observing all the pandemic norms and by following regulations. Hence, hanging out in groups without maintaining social distancing, without wearing masks, and improper sanitization measures is a very wrong approach in celebrating pride month. So, it is always recommended to stay indoors to stay safe.

But you can still meet people and celebrate pride month with your queer pals virtually. Of course, it doesn't give the same vibe, but you can still see each other, plan together, and appreciate pride month online on zoom video calls, Instagram-live-sessions, and go