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Ways to balance your Best friend(s) and Romantic Partner(s)...

Change is inevitable and when you get into a romantic relationship with your loved partner, the equations change with other people in your life including your family members. Best friends are the ones who are indeed more than family members and siblings because they get to know everything about us and they never fail in understanding and getting along with our opinions, decisions and even mistakes too. If you are blessed with such best friends in your life, you need to cherish them forever and you must make sure that you never drifted away from them with your romantic feelings towards your partners.

It is a common scenario that every person encounters during one's romantic relationship commitments, especially in the initial days of dating where they end up neglecting one's best pals and also struggling to spare time for their partners. So, it's crucial to bring the balance of sharing your presence with both your best friend and partner almost equally.

Regardless of what stage you are in your passionate relationship with your partner, always remember that your best friend is important to you no matter what because that person is going to stay constantly in your life and you need someone to talk to and even complain about your partner. So, instead of complicating your equation, it is always recommended to keep your best pal's presence in your life at any cost.

On the odd occasion, you may end up in a situation where you have to choose between your best friend and your partner due to possessiveness, overprotectiveness, jealousy and any insecure feeling between them. In such situations, it is better to remain neutral instead of taking sides. It is relatively challenging to choose between two of the best people in your life. So, be smart enough not to lose either of them.

And that can be attained only when you take an initiation of getting your best friend and your partner together to let their emotions speak for you and sort out the differences. Never fall in the loop of emotions and play with your priorities as they both are equally important to you.

Make sure your best friend and your partner understand the importance of their existence in your life and also let them follow how you need them both in your life to remain happy and satisfied. Make them perceive how you cherish them together.

Never skip the conversations even though they get triggered when you talk about them individually to both of them. If you escape from the reality and try to eliminate the consequences, you may end up increasing the gap between both of them.

If your best friend is way too close to you, there are chances that your partner may take it wrong. Don't get offended because it's a human tendency where a person can't accept another person's closeness with one's romantic partner. So try to comprehend healthy jealousy and possessiveness. Make your partner discern the difference between friendly love and intimate love. This particular clear conversation helps your partner to get along with the relationship you maintain with your best friend.

Similarly, if your best friend feels that you are gradually becoming busier with your partner and neglecting him/her, then you need to be clear enough that you expect a little patience and understanding of the romantic relationship you share with your partner. Make sure you let your best friend realize what you are into and how that particular relationship with your loved partner is important and makes you happy. Surely, your dearest pal would appreciate and do anything possible to see you happy.

When things get settled, take an initiation of introducing your best friend to your partner. Start making plans where you can chill out happily with both of them at the same place. Find time for both of them individually and also let both of them hang out with you in each other's presence. This will make them get to know each other better. If they meet regularly in your presence, there are high chances of realizing how they love you in their respective patterns.

Most importantly, don't complain about everything regarding your partner to your best friend. Some things need not be shared with anyone and must be sorted between the partners. It is wholly understandable that some issues become serious that you feel like expressing them to the person who gets you better than anyone else. Toxic issues can be discussed but intimate conversations can never be disclosed. Maintain the limitations of sharing things because sometimes through your words, your best friend may consider your partner toxic without knowing the reality. And best friends are always biased towards you and they may suggest to you something that you end up regretting later. Don't commit blunders during your temporary venting out sessions. Because they look unpleasant when everything becomes normal and when both the people you love, bump into each other.

When your best friend, fails in perceiving you (yes, this can happen because it is not mandatory to understand your moods all the time.) and when you don't like the suggestion of your best friend even though it is for your good, don't vent your anger or disappointment towards your best friend in front of your partner. Because romantic partners are generally protective and don't like someone ruining the moods of their partners. Without even knowing the real scenario, there are significant chances that your partner may end up disliking your best friend for no reason. If this continues, you may expect your partner to tell you not to be in touch with your best buddy because of your issues with that person. Even though the clashes are pretty normal between you and your best friend, your partner may consider them seriously.

Too much transparency sometimes may ruin your relationship with both your partner and your dearest friend especially when both of them don't get along with each other well. Deal with them individually but bring them together to make sure they appreciate each other and they stay intact without getting affected by each other's love for you. It's a steady process but it surely works because, at the end of the day, both parties (best friends and boyfriends/girlfriends) need you to stay happy!

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