Ways to answer people's questions regarding your sexuality!

No matter how hard you try to ignore people and their irritating questions, you always face various kinds of annoying personalities who don't leave a chance of questioning your sexuality now and then. Ignoring is a good option to get rid of unnecessary situations but that also gives people, an advantage of filling unbearable answers and in turn, they revolve around the society as rumors and may ruin your peace of harmony. You don't have to answer every probing question, a random stranger poses for you, but at the same time you don't have to ignore to give him a chance of exploiting your sexuality. Hence, you need to know how to face such questions by answering in a manner so that next time people should think twice before framing a question regarding your sexuality!

Firstly, don't think about the relationship between you and the people who bother you with unusual questions regarding your appearance, behavior, or dressing patterns. Always remember, people who understand you, cherish you, and accept the way you are, never ask questions that put you in difficult situations. So, consider every person including your friends, family members, colleagues, outsiders, as strangers, and don't think about the relationship, if they bother you with their questions. If you do that, you feel comfortable in answering their questions with utmost wit, sarcasm, and fitting attitude. So, spare no one when it comes to your sexuality!

If you are an open queer person, people show more interest in your coming-out-story. All the queer people always get fed up of repeating the same story again and again. Some people don't like getting triggered by explaining such tough emotions and intense situations. So, if your coming-out-story bothers you, be brave enough to say "No" on people's faces. Tell them, that you are not interested and also let them know that you are not interested in knowing other's situations too. Not everyone is comfortable enough to express their, coming out story, public. Hence, keep it private by using the word "NO"!

Do you repeatedly encounter those weird people who keep on asking you about your sexual role and sexual preferences just to discern the inner details of homosexual life? Tell them that homosexual sex life is as normal as heterosexual sex life. Make sure that they understand the normality of your sexuality!

Question, to a question, is intermittently an answer. Follow this rule to irritate the people who inquire about you regarding your sexual orientation. You don't have to answer. In return, pose the same question or frame a question with sarcasm to make them feel uncomfortable. This lets those people perceive how you feel when you get questioned by them all the time. And yeah, it's okay to irritate people who annoy you.

Sometimes you need to cross your limits to let other people stop taking advantage of the lenience you gave it to him/her to ask you stupid questions. If you want to make a person not to poke you again, you need to take his/her family members in the picture. Yes, if someone asks you, "Being, a girl, why are you dressing up as a boy?", give that person a fitting reply by adding the opposite person's son/daughter/wife/husband or any family member, into the conversation. This will make that person feel furious and cautious. The next time he/she will think twice before asking you anything because no one likes to get their family members into the picture especially when they try to annoy others with weird questions.

Using sarcasm with a savage smile is the most powerful weapon you can hold when people ask about your sexuality. Some questions are answerable but some are not. Though the other person knows that you get uncomfortable, he/she doesn't step back in posing such questions. At that moment, you need to brace yourself and be confident enough to tackle them. Don't be so nice to people who don't treat you nicely. Hence, hit on their lifestyle choices, career choices, social statuses, and mindsets. Yes, degrading a person basing on one's lifestyle is wrong, but if others do the same with you purposefully, then you must raise your voice by pointing on their loopholes to protect yourself and teach them a lesson.

Always use random examples by comparing your situation to let people understand that you are indirectly talking about them. This tactic must be used for people we know and especially with our relatives. They somehow try to poke our sexual orientations by asking absurd questions. Hence, explain to them how you feel like slapping people or dragging them outside of their private worlds or how you can be able to put hidden secrets out in public, with comparative examples to let people understand you can be their threat if they annoy you anymore!

Although you follow all the ways that are mentioned above, some foolish perverts, don't step back and they keep exhibiting their interest in your sexuality. Do not lose your cool and at the same time, do not give up and let those people rule over you every time you cross paths with them. If things get critical, be smart enough to use serious and intense things. Talk about LGBTQIA+ culture and how many sections are involved to let any person face legal issues for defaming the sexuality of a queer person. If a person doesn't listen to your words, make him understand the severity of the law for exploiting the freedom of a queer person!

Never get provoked by people's meaningless and baseless questions regarding your sexuality. You don't have to acknowledge questions but you can always skip them off by following various ways. Why get into unnecessary drama when you are smart enough to shut the drama off without making a scene! That's how the people who criticize, judge, and spread hatred towards the queer community must be handled!

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