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Ways for couples to get rid of Couple goals Pressure!

Regrettably, this pressure is for both singles and couples too! In this social media era where everything gets validated by people virtually by missing that realistic factor, being an expressive couple on digital platforms is a hectic task indeed because of the pressures on the virtual world. Needless to say how everyone regardless of generation, got stuck up in the loop of doing their works and watching others' works. The typical societal norms remain the same but their influence got escalated from a mere neighborhood to the whole world out there because unlike previous eras where a few people used to be opinionated about others, now, every person with a social media profile started spilling their opinions on others.

Being a couple who expresses their feelings, emotions, routines, regimes, relations, and most importantly, relationship struggles, is absolutely fine and indeed good to motivate and move people out there but on the other side, there is a major con for such social media presence. And it's the pressure that bothers in various possible ways to various people out there. Hence, you must know how to get rid of such toxic social media pressures without stepping out of social media and by balancing the act of spilling couple goals.

It's beautiful to make people perceive how you flourish your relationship and how you manage each other's preferences, tastes, tantrums, and promises. But there's a way to make people understand that you undergo hardships too and also make them believe the concept of two sides of a coin. Showcase both the ecstatic moments and dull moments of your relationship instead of posting or showcasing the best moments of your life. Show the world the reality behind your relationship, not the edited version of your dumb videos.

Post, to establish your popularity among people by being realistic, not by being plastic with flashy smiles. Write a brief about every picture you click with your partner. Care about the feelings between you and your partner, not the backgrounds and exotic locations. Talk about the budget of your vacations and trips instead of provoking people with the breathtaking views of your couple-getaways. Make the world and people comprehend how you lead your lifestyle according to your societal status and financial standards. Let people observe you as a bond, not two different personalities who come together to increase name and fame on social media. That's not how you must give couple goals to people out there.

You can deliver fun content and make everyone know how you enjoy with your partner and how you express your love towards your partner but maintain the limitations of keeping your relationship out there so publicly because you never know how people may react to your content. In this materialistic world, some people are quite insecure and jealous of others and their relationship scenario.

Moreover, by allowing people to witness your romantic you also must need to face their opinions and a typical social media presence inevitably give you blended opinions that may affect your peace of mind, and sometimes they may raise unnecessary doubtful assumptions that create ripples in your relationship. The best way to rid of this phenomenon is to ignore the comments completely or else the best part is to turn off your comment section. All you need is appreciation from near and dear and they surely find some way to do that.

If you keep getting along with people's opinions on social media who don't possess a bare minimum idea about your romantic life and daily lifestyle scenario, you end up falling into the trap of such pressure where people decide your life and how you must live with your partner. Strictly speaking, in a couple's life, not every day goes smooth but if you pretend that you are happy by constantly posting a glowing picture to maintain that consistency of spilling couples goals to the world, then you suffocate yourself and your partner too. Is it worth enough for you to face disappointments with your partner to meet the expectations of outsiders? So, never entertain people and never post something for people. Express your emotions in the form of pictures and words whenever you feel like posting and occasionally react to people and their social media obsession so that they will get to know the reality around them.

And on top of that, also consider struggling singles out there. Many people try harder to get hitched, who try hard to come out of post-breakup trauma, and who struggle to understand the typical couple scenario in various phases like dating, committed relationships, and marriage. Hence, you need to understand how your couple goals may affect their sense of mind. Of course, you don't have to give a damn about how people react to your posts and words but if you think you are giving couple goals to people, you are indeed giving a reason for people to inspire and get motivated by looking at you, your partner and your relationship. Hence, as part of social responsibility, you must know how not to affect a person's single status with your committed relationship. To balance this out and to make the singles out there get rid of your couple goal pressure, you need to draft the posts about your individualities, your separate personalities and let them follow the process of getting into another person while being single.

This suppression of couple goal pressure on yourself and the people outside, you must be cautious about what you post, the statements you draft, the criticism you face through comments, and the appreciation you witness through compliments. Balance of act, always helps you eradicate unnecessary consequences and circumstances.

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