Wanna try Snowballing this Summer?? - NSFW

I hope you are 18+

Because, I'm not going to talk about that playful game where people enjoy in snow by making balls and throwing them at each other. It happens during winters and mostly seen in western countries.

I'm going to talk about the Snowballing in Sex. You may feel it as the grossest, disgusting, and it may also irk you off. But, trust me, this particular term literally turns on few Gay and Bisexual men. Snowballing is a sexual practice which involves Saliva and Semen.

If Sex is a tree, sexual practices are branches and humans are like leaves of this tree. We add beauty to it.

It is the sexual practice which comes at the end part. The act takes place when a man about to come out (not from the closet) but from his body, indeed when he cums out. It happens when a person loves to share the fluids of his partner and vice versa. Some men love sharing body fluids internally by blending it with their saliva and exchanging them many times. It may increase their bond I guess.

Snowballing is not treated as some common sex practice. It is one kind of sexual fantasy. People who love sharing, exchanging their semen and who love swallowing the cum that oozes out from their body after a great sex session, will practice this out.

Snowballing is when a person in a couple blends his partner's semen with his saliva and transfer sexually through his mouth to his partner again. And this can be done for required number of times till the volume of the saliva keeps on increases. It is like adding more saliva to the semen each time a couple exchange between them through their mouth. Hence, the story of Snowballing pops up.

I know it is quite irritating to read and to even imagine. But sex is all about experimenting new things and exploring new ways of intimate encounters. Snowballing is one concept where the consent between two partners is much needed. Because, sharing of body fluids can only be practiced safely. Health issues must be taken into consideration to follow this intense intimate session. And to all those people out there, who are in dilemma whether HIV can be spread through Saliva, then the answer is NO. It can only be transferred through blood. But, you may get effected with STD's if anyone in the couple is actually having it. So, practice it safely. Sex is a painful pleasure which must be practiced safely.

So wanna try doing snowballing this summer? It is okay to have sexual fantasies. You don't have to feel weird about it. All you need to do is to take consent from your partners before attempting them. And people don't have to judge this sexual practice. Understand that, if a couple can do a grossest thing together, they can also do wonders together. If two persons are comfortable practicing it, let them do.

Sex is an Ultimate form of Love. Explore every aspect of it. Enjoy every intimate encounter of yours. Will be back with another sex information blog next saturday.

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