Virtuous Vibes...

Vaibhav was my first connected soul in Delhi. Well, we shared a lot of similarities and accepted each other's differences in a fine way, especially when it comes to our educational backgrounds.

A body positive queer activist..!

They say right, you need to find the right people to get the right content. Who can give a better content than a person who was Gay by orientation and not a Pessimist by soul. As I was more into meeting people directly than virtually, Vaibhav pulled himself to meet me at any cost as he mentioned my so called too open Instagram profile made him to do that. I loved his answer when I asked "Why did you want to meet me?"

It was a fine sunny afternoon where I was already running late because of cleaning my ex's messy place. Another one extra hour has added for me to get ready to meet Vaibahav. I am always conscious about the way I deck up myself when I meet people for the first time though. I have courted the Metro at Saket and indulged myself in The Pocket Rumi while travelling. I got down at Rajiv Chowk and made an exit from Gate no 6 on a suggestion from Vaibhav, a Delhi guy who was like the complete google map of Connaught Place.

N Block of Connaught Place.. My favorite block!

He is a 23 year old, Final year Engineering student, who also teaches kids in the evening to escalate their educational skills in Science. He was in his decent college Uniform, little sweating and kind of fuss about the hot sun, greeted me with a warm smile. We hugged each other and soon after I said I was starving, he just took to my favorite cafe which I came to know after coming to Delhi. It was Chai Point. We entered Chai Point in N block of Connaught place after a lot of casual talks while walking towards it. We ordered for our drugs (coffees). He was wholly comfortable with me. After he literally got cool down from the scorching heat outside, we slipped into our casual conversation. We talked about each other, break ups, the lifestyles we lead, how we felt meeting each other, about gay dating life in Delhi.

"Understanding and Matured", his answers for describing the concept of Love when I asked him. By connecting himself with his past experiences, he also stated that "It is fine to commit mistakes out of knowledge and utmost maturity to come across few embarrassing and suffocating situations. And it is better to escape ourselves in front of undeserving people than to stay with them by faking one's own personality.

Vaibhav, Gay, who was open to almost everyone, but webbed in family situations, which made him kind of closeted at home. But he was sure about himself and his instinct of spreading those ultimate gay vibes to the world as he believed in them so much. Talking about the Gay scenario, he told that the lines were getting blurred after the decriminalization of Sec 377 in India. The capital city has gotten improvised in accepting LGBT community in a comprehensive way since then. People stopped looking at Queer Community in a weird way and also bunged passing judgments mostly at every place in Delhi. When I asked about the so called "Fuck and Forget" concept of Delhi, he said it was getting vanished day by day and people started coming out. Most of them were investing their emotions in the hope of Love. Many people were even in Love and publicly displaying their mode of affection. It was becoming quite common in Delhi it seemed.

When I asked about one suggestion he wanted to give me while staying in Delhi while researching about the gay lifestyle scenario in Delhi, he warned me not to trust anyone blindly and suggested me to be safe always. He was this person who loves caring people and suggest most of the times for their sake of wellness. He accepted the fact that People in Delhi were completely Ignorant and he said it was true to the core. Hearing this from a guy who grew up in Delhi, was quite honest.

Vaibhav was quite excited, funny, appealing, warm, cozy and comfortable. He invited me to one of the events which was going to be organized by him as a Member from NAZARIYA. When asked about it, he furnished me the details completely from scratch. Nazariya, a Queer uplifting community, founded by a Woman named Ruth (who was from the community itself) in 2017. This baby organization with people around 200 members target for spreading awareness of and about the LGBTQ community for people in Delhi. It was entirely a good initiative from an organization to make general crowd understand the normality of the LGBT community. As it was centered in and around Delhi, this organization was striving hard in every possible way to bridge the gap between the understanding abilities of one person to another in the concept of various sexual orientations. Hosting awareness campaigns, legal helps, Marches, Shouting the slogans aloud, educating the people were some of the activities included in their regular routine. When asked about the recent programs, Vaibhav gave me a piece of information about the interesting Galentines event (Gay Valentines in February and a Pride March in and around Connaught Place.

After few great interesting conversations, we got to know each other well and sunk well into each other traits. As I was starving, I let him walk me to any eatery. We headed to Mc Donalds and filled our tummies. Time flew off so soon and he had to bid a bye as he was getting late to teach his kids. We hugged at the rushy parking slot at Connaught place. As I was expressive, I couldn't resist myself kissing him on the cheeks. He was cute, sweet, classy, communicative and informative too. It was a great start for me to know about the native individual point of view on the Gay scenario of Delhi.

One Phrase to describe him is "B Positive". Definitely not a blood group. Its Body Positive. He sets himself as one of the examples for Body Positivity in this current scenario where people changing the definitions of beauty. His definition of beauty is to embrace the body type, shape and size of it, no matter what other people think about you. He says that and also follows it too. He said he never feels embarrassed about the way he carries his body. In fact, at times, he calls himself a Potato in a jovial way. Being a simple guy with a career driven mindset who totally focuses on what he wants, what he does and encourages people to come out of the shell to live the life they love, he is a package who introduced me to many facts of the queer lifestyle scenario in India.

A selfie with Vaibhav at Chai Point..!

An article about him is special because this is how I show my gratitude to people through my words. Thank you for your Vibrant Vibes, Vaibhav..!! Thanks for proving that people from dating apps, don't actually end up having hookups all time. It is always a good thing to transform Virtual conversations into lively conversations. The intensity behind those conversations indeed increases the levels of integrity among people.

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