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Versatility in Gayness!

Versatility is a boon given by god and its precious too. Be it in any field, stream or industry, people who are versatile enough to manage any kind of role in their professional and personal life are well appreciated. That's the beauty of Versatility. But it takes time for people to understand the person who is a versatile, especially in the concept of sexual orientation.

Sexual preferences are important in sexual orientation of a person to lead a happy sex life. In Gay community, there are actually three sexual preferences. Unlike, Gay Tops and Gay Bottoms, Gay Versatile people are totally underrated. Because, hardly people bother about understanding the aspect of versatile in Gay sexual orientation. Gay versatile is that one person who wants to explore his orientation in every possible way. And manage his roles perfectly in a relationship. Understanding the Versatile Gays is a little difficult by the people who only explore one side of the sexual orientation. Here are some tips to understand them clearly:

  • They are not greedy to enjoy sexual pleasures in all methods. They are just good at exploring the whole gayness of their personality.

  • They know the real meaning of Love, because they can understand from both sides of a person. Generally, people assume that Gay tops are manly with overpowering mindsets where as Gay bottoms are a bit sensitive and emotional. But, when it comes to Versatile Gays, the balance of act is quite interesting as they act emotionally controllable.

  • During sex, people say that Gay tops are dominant and Gay bottoms are submissive, but Versatile Gays are creative and experimental. They neither act active or passive, they swing both ways.

  • It's always a two way fun. The fun is never a one sided deal. Dating a Versatile Gay is like exploring the orientation from every end. Be it a sex or any other choices, gays who are versatile can show you heaven by the way they behave in bed and outside too.

  • It's always a give and take policy. They give you fucks and also take fucks, literally. They are not like average Gay top men who behaves pricey and average Gay bottom men to behave over adorable. They act admirable and outrageous too.

  • People who want to leave no stone unturned, being a Gay versatile or dating a Gay versatile is the best thing because it's all about understanding the love than making love.

  • Practicing various sex positions is only possible if you are with a Gay Versatile partner, because as I said, they give and they receive too. In fact, most of the one way oriented sex positions can be tried in two ways, if you date a Gay versatile.

  • Most of the Gay versatile men are quite independent, because the character itself says that they can manage everything in their own way. They are like feminists in Gay orientation because, they can work and they can pay too. It's not like some gay tops who love to be with a gay bottom who gets treated as a trophy boyfriend.

  • They are good at managing people and the feelings of them too. Versatility in bed also gives an urge for them in versatility in life too.

  • They are so clear about themselves like what they want to do and what they want to get done. They are clear about other sexual preference people like tops and bottoms. They are like water, they take the shape according to the role they get in. They can become a bottom to a top, a top to a bottom and also a versatile to a versatile.

  • They are the most flexible people in the Gay community, especially in sex and also in Love too. They can truly manage their roles better in life. Because he can be your both husband and wife too. He's both feminine and masculine. He's totally a gender fluid personality indeed.

  • Understanding the sub categories of Versatile Gays is easy. A versatile bottom is the one who is mostly into bottoming his partner during sex and can be top if his partner insists. Similarly, a versatile top is the one who acts mostly as top to his partner and can shift his role to bottom according to the wish of his partner. Simple!

Being a versatile in the gay community is also a rare thing because most people in the community prefer to manage only role and sometimes they just make up their minds to be in that particular role in the whole life. But, with versatile gays, the scenario is totally different. They are experimental, curious, exciting and sometimes weird too, especially in bed.

Managing the versatile role in the gay community is mostly all about only sex. Because sometimes, that particular versatile gay guy can shift his role to be a top or bottom according to the partner. Which means, he may act in both the ways according to his convenience. So, one must really capable of handling such kind of switching personalities. Understanding them is a little difficult task, but that's what an entertaining element in dating a versatile gay guy.

So, if you are one among those people who want to explore the sexual orientation of yours in a dating mode and in a sexual way, you must try dating a versatile guy. Because it's always good to know more about one's own orientation in every possible manner.

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