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Valentine's special flowers you should consider gifting your loved one!

Presenting a flower, in this season of love to your lover(s), portrays your daintiness and delicacy of being a truly loving partner. You don't have to spend an unreasonable amount of money to celebrate love because nothing can beat a meaningful flower that truly specifies how deeply you love your partner. Yes, for a particular set of people, it may sound cliche and some people indeed feel it is an unnecessary hyped-up ritual of presenting bouquets to loved ones. Christmas trees are important for Christmas and similarly, flowers play a significant role in Valentine's Day celebrations. Whenever we talk about February, red roses instantly flash into our minds. Well, thanks to the generations that have passed the flavour of love through flowers because they specify the sensible and sensitive nature of love, regardless of various kinds of personalities embracing them.

Of course, red roses define the chastity of love, but they are pretty common everywhere and go along with every gifting protocol, especially among romantic couples. If you want to convey a special and specific meaning through a flower to your loved one, you must identify which one to choose from a florist nearby so that you get a chance to target your message right into the heart of your partner. Instead of picking a huge bouquet of red flowers, you can do better by picking a suitable flower to deliver the right thought through those petals of love.


Needless to say before the extraction of oil from them. They look huge, and they don't smell heavenly too but they are capable enough to spread love and charm through their vibrant aura. The deeper meaning of gifting sunflowers is that you end up conveying ultimate adoration and dedication towards your love. If you are about to propose a commitment to see the lovable future with your dating partner, then you should consider gifting sunflowers. Surely, it brings that vibrant expression to your partner's face. And you don't need a bouquet of them because one to three flowers would do. If you want to pair sunflowers with a gift, then do it with a printed dress. Simple!


Personally, my favourites!

Precisely, they declare love. If you are in a casual dating stage and want to go further by clarifying stepping into a crucial dating stage or a romantic relationship, then tulips are the best. Their seasonal and rare occurrence of flowering portrays their exceptional beauty of being perfect. Finding tulips in February is a bit difficult because they bloom during the Spring season. But if you try and make earlier inquiries with your florist, you may get the premature or early blossoms of tulips. Plus, one must focus on selecting the appropriate kind of tulip for one's partner because there are many varieties. Even though tulips look attractive, only a few of them specify the deeper meaning of ideal love.

Darwin Hybrid tulip (dark red), Triumph tulip (dark purple), and Grand perfection tulip (a blend of yellow and off-white) are the best choices to gift your loved ones to depict the meaning of trying to be perfect regardless of all imperfections for the fulfilment of love. So, this Valentine's, be a little deeper.


One of the most beautiful flowers, nature has blessed this world with, especially their eccentric blooming petals make a person fall in love with them almost instantly. Not all carnations define love though but if you want to gift these flowers to your loved ones, you need to bring a little Christmas vibe to your bouquet by including reds and whites.

A red carnation specifies your intense love and admiration as they convey how proud you are to have your partner romantically in your life and how deeply you embrace his/her/their existence. In contrast, a white carnation specifies your innocence and honourable love. Indeed, carnations are the best flowers to gift if your partner is cute, childish, adorable, adjusting and understanding. Don't you think admiring your partner's presence this Valentine's month through carnations, is a pleasant idea to elevate love in your relationship?


Valentine's day celebrations endure nothing without roses. Some people are way too particular about receiving roses from their partners whereas some people don't entertain the monotonous aspect of presenting rose bouquets. Habitually people prefer roses of any colour, which is a blunder especially if someone is specific about the meanings behind those petals. Red roses surely define love but with a tint of lustful desire too. You can gift them to someone whom you desire to be in love with, in every possible way. The point is, you don't need to repeat the same red roses even on the V-day celebrations too. Accordingly, it's time to bring a twist to your love tale this Valentine's day with Lavender roses.

They are rare but if you try you get a chance to deliver the precise meaning of regal love. Most love stories often click with the aspect of love at first sight. If your partner has enchanted you with his/her initial impression and if you fell for your loved one soon after your first date, then lavender roses perfectly convey how delighted you are to meet your partner and be in love. Instead of going for red roses, pair lavender roses with baby breath to depict your deep love and memory of your first impressions of each other.


These are the most available flowers during the season of love. Also, they are pretty affordable compared to other flowers, indeed you can even gift a plant a Chrysanthemum. The daintiness and the aroma of these petals instantly bring the utmost positivity and optimism. That's the particular reason why Indians use these flowers for worshipping purposes too. So these flowers indeed bear a deeper meaning of long-lasting joy.

We all expect that flavour of fidelity in our relationships so that we build trust, affection and passion towards our partners in our passionate relationships. The Red Chrysanthemums specify the aspect of loyal love towards your partner. You can pair them with the white and yellow chrysanthemums too if you feel like presenting a huge bouquet to your partner on V-day.

Similarly, there are a few other flowers that represent various stages of love and if you want to propose your passion, take your love to a further phase, appreciate the current phase of your dating, mark a particular aspect of love between you and your partner, then you can gift a particular flower that straightforwardly projects your mind and make your partner easily understand what you mean by gifting them.

Purple lilacs can be gifted to your first love. Behalf of you, these flowers tell your partner that you consider him/her as your first and foremost love and always consider as the top priority.

Orchids represent femininity and these can be gifted to your lady love to embrace the daintiness of your partner by comparing her to these flowers. White orchids bring elegance and specify your loyal love.

If you recently broke up with your partner and also got back after sorting things to patch up, then this Valentine's Day try gifting your partner a bouquet of Yarrows as they carry the deeper meaning of inspired love and encourage the aspect of sorted-out love. Also they are kind of rarely available!

Many people wait for Valentine's Day to propose to their secret love and if you are one among them who is planning to express your love to your crush regardless of the result, then you can consider a cute bouquet of Gardenias as they convey your sweet love to your crush.

Lastly, there's one more rare flower that comes with a name and the meaning together because you don't have to mention anything if you present your loved one with this particular flower and it is Forget-me-not. Isn't it an interesting flower to gift your partner by adorably telling them to never leave them no matter what? These are as tiny as baby breaths but the colour of pale blue escalates their beauty.

All these flowers represent Love and that's the precise reason why these must be considered Valentine's special flowers. Naturally, the recipients of these flowers or your partner may not quite decipher the deeper meanings of these flowers, especially the ones who merely expect red roses. So while gifting them, make them understand what they represent so that it becomes easier for your partner to perceive your underlying message.


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