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V-Day Celebration ideas that can patch your recent relationship cracks!

No romantic relationship can survive without handling various kinds of fluctuations and often couples fall into the trap of such fluctuations and also come out of them with their will to move ahead in their romantic life together. Some relationship cracks can be patched easily, and their scars can be blemished gradually after some time. But if a couple faces that point of time where they feel like celebrating their bond but hesitate to do because of some relationship cracks, then it becomes a little awkward for that couple to consider any kind of celebrations. If you are someone who recently broke up but got back again, who recently had a weighty argument or fight but sorted it out after a while, who recently fell apart completely but came together after realising the value of your relationship, then it is quite understandable if you are feeling odd to think about celebrating this Valentine's Day!

Before anything else, stop feeling awkward because if you are a couple who accepted a crack, survived and got back together, then you must have already used to each other's silliness and also seriousness. What's there to feel odd when you have already seen each other naked physically and psychologically? So, instead of overthinking how would your partner react to the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day after that so-called phase of being apart, start planning to employ the idea which can make you both closer and better than before. Here are a few thoughts you need to include to successfully celebrate this V-day without any issues:

  • Initiate the idea of being together on Valentine's Day no matter what regardless of all the excuses and schedules. Your partner must recognize your efforts. Instead of waiting for your partner to initiate, it is inevitably a more admirable idea to suggest first.

  • Go for a special date night like how you used to hang out during your initial dating days. Go to those places where you always preferred to eat, roam and engross in conversations. This helps you both to rejuvenate and refresh all your dating memories which indeed helps you to forget all those recent relationship cracks.

  • Plan for a surprise dinner on Valentine's Day. Even though it sounds typical, it works predominantly if you go to your partner's favourite restaurant or the place your partner always dreams to spend some time with you over dinner and wine. Sometimes everything can be resolved over a perfect dinner.

  • Don't be restrictive and rigid by overthinking about the recent turbulence in your relationship. Try not to drag the situation to the worse even after your partner comes to you with an apology or adjusting mentality. Embrace things the way they are and try to focus on moving ahead instead of getting stuck up with unnecessary thoughts in your mind. So, when your partner revives you with V-Day celebration plans, beam it out and get along with those plans.

  • It feels a bit awkward to get back to the celebration mood right after facing a hurdle in your relationship especially if it is a very recent happening but it shouldn't stop you from celebrating the romantic bond between you and your partner. If you however feel the crack, then plan some sexual adventures at home by methods of role-playing and role-shifting. Sometimes being opposite to your dominant and submissive roles in bed can make wonders in kindling the spark in your intimate relationship.

  • Go for a couple-getaway that relaxes your bodies and souls for a while to urge you to appreciate each other better. Valentine's special vacations can make a couple appreciate each other's existence especially when you undertake a thematic trip.

  • Speaking of themes, have you ever tried distancing yourself from people and society for a while where only you both can talk to each other and work together? Sometimes personal stress from people, professional stress from colleagues, and psychological stress from societal norms force a couple to go through various emotional imbalances that create relationship cracks. Pack your bags, go to a place where no one whom you know can sway you and spend some time only with each other. Time has the power to restore. This valentine's month, you must devote that time to each other.

  • Gifts can temporarily and instantly patch your relationship crack but it doesn't have that permanent effect of clearing the void between you and your partner. Invest your thoughts through your efforts instead of investing your money in materialistic things. Whatever you propose this Valentine's Day to clear out your relationship cracks, please make sure that your partner should never think about those cracks again and by the end of the day, you must witness a cheerful expression of happiness and satisfaction in celebrating the day with you.

A beautiful bouquet of meaningful flowers, a handwritten note that specifies your personal feelings, a present that describes your relationship, a hangout to mark your romantic bond, a lunch or dinner date over soulful conversations, an adorable smile, a deep eye contact with love, a touch of holding hands that portray your emotions, a forehead kiss and making love in the night are more than enough to have an ideal valentine's day for any couple in a romantic relationship.

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