Wolf..!! I'm a fucking wolf.. Not that I'm cunning and cruel. I'm that creature who can never be tamed. Have you seen a wolf in a cage listening to the instructions of a circus master?

I haven't seen ever. But I have witnessed a situation where the tiger was jumping from one end to another end through a fire ring. That was fantastic, but felt low because I have seen a Lion doing that, being tamed by a ring master. The Lion gets food, water and all the basic necessities to do all those circus fleets. The Thing is, it wouldn't starve to death. But the Wolf in the jungle, which got left over by these humans just because it would never get tamed and listen to circus masters, starved to death. When there was no animal in the jungle and even the King left the kingdom to get trained by a master, how could a wolf lead its life? Well, it starved to death. It would have stepped ahead to get trained. But that wasn't in its blood. Because, Wolf is Untameable.

The fact is humans left the Wolf, because they knew that training a creature which couldn't be tamed at all was useless. Did stubbornness is the reason behind the death of the Wolf? Or was it the nature? Being untamed was right or wrong? Why humans left thinking it was useless to get it on board?

I'm Untameable. Am I right or wrong? Is it good or bad? I'm confused. I'm depressed. I'm disappointed in myself. But why I still loved being the same way though I knew that I'm going to be finished soon. Death is the only answer? Well, I came to know that it was not even an option. There is a fine line difference between being untameable and being stubborn about one's nature. But will this society ever understand that slightest difference?

Everyone can be tamed except those souls which are filled with inner darkness. Those rocky, windy, dusty, stormy paths to a particular person's destination make them untameable. Rough patches in life play a vital role in transforming a person from a sponge to rock. In every person's life, there are n number of situations where they feel like ending up themselves. Some will and some won't. The people who give up on themselves are brave souls. The people who won