Unquestionable Taboos...

Taboo, the one word which the millennial people don't give a damn for because they strive to eradicate this word from the minds of people who are still stuck with the annoying sense it spreads. Hence, it isn't necessary to discuss about the word and its consequences, but indeed we all millennials are getting effected indirectly in a direct way. When one sector of people is raising questions against many social and cultural taboos, other sector people have already made their unquestionable and quite obvious. Hence, striving to eliminate these ridiculous taboos are in fact getting difficult day by day, because socially they are getting eradicated, but personally we are still considering these taboos and using them to judge others and their behavioral patterns! Well, here are some of the unquestionable taboos that are rooted so deeply in our society to judge us every single day.


We Indians are brown and we are supposed to love our brown skin tones, instead we behave in a way exactly like people who oppressed us before with the concept of Racism. Our educational societies are so dumb that we encourage our people to love the fairer skin and to hate our native skin tones which