Unquestionable Taboos...

Taboo, the one word which the millennial people don't give a damn for because they strive to eradicate this word from the minds of people who are still stuck with the annoying sense it spreads. Hence, it isn't necessary to discuss about the word and its consequences, but indeed we all millennials are getting effected indirectly in a direct way. When one sector of people is raising questions against many social and cultural taboos, other sector people have already made their unquestionable and quite obvious. Hence, striving to eliminate these ridiculous taboos are in fact getting difficult day by day, because socially they are getting eradicated, but personally we are still considering these taboos and using them to judge others and their behavioral patterns! Well, here are some of the unquestionable taboos that are rooted so deeply in our society to judge us every single day.


We Indians are brown and we are supposed to love our brown skin tones, instead we behave in a way exactly like people who oppressed us before with the concept of Racism. Our educational societies are so dumb that we encourage our people to love the fairer skin and to hate our native skin tones which are brown. Some dumb fucks consider us as blacks, but technically we are browns. And for fuck's sake, being black and brown is totally fine and equally beautiful with the fairer skin tones. Why do we have to use products which are totally making us fools in whitening our complexions? Is it that necessary to be like someone else? When few celebrities are opposing these fairness products, some fair celebrities are branding them who are totally educated and dumb as hell. We say, we are patriotic, but if we are not accepting our own people who makes a whole country, what's the point of taking massive budgeted patriotic films? Ridiculous. We millennial people are totally encouraging ourselves and others to spread this so called ancient taboo in a more technological way which makes us Racists and forgot to mention, we are brown and we show racism to other browns with disgusting comments. What a pity!


This emotion is quite common in any creature. Well, we humans used to oppose others and their love with, related to religion, caste, creed, culture and traditions. Sadly, we are still the same. This emotional taboo still in our society in all the judgments we make when two people holds hands together in a romantic way publicly. We still stare at them like we do at animals in the Zoo. Critically, we judge all the homosexuals in a very disgusting way till date. It's just we changed the way of judging others. Previously we used to bash people in person, now we are trolling them virtually. Simple! Why do we have to mean to people who are in love regardless the orientations? In this busy scenario we still spare some time to judge people who are in love and plot many plans to destroy their happiness. Why don't we get tired of judging others? Because, we still stuck up our minds in those taboos which are already fixed in our societal decorum. Though we are technologically improved, we still suck at emotions. What a Pity!


People who say it's an ultimate form of showing love are the fucking bastards who pass comments on other's sex life. Seriously, in this present scenario, we still care about others bed moments. While, one sector of people is totally busy in trying every single flavored condom, the other sector people are totally judging them for having endless sex every single day. Firstly, Why do they care? And secondly, are they jealous for not getting any action any day? Yes, Sex was a taboo and it is already becoming normal day by day, but still our inner mindsets are not able to gulping the fact of treating sex as normal. We are purposefully or unintentionally judging others under the name of Sex. Why can't we still accept that sleeping with others with their consent as normal? And most importantly, why we still object to provide sex education or to talk about sex in front of our children? Aren't they supposed to learn about them? And hence we raise dumb and judgmental kids to become ignorant assholes of the society. What a pity!


It's never too late to hit a beach in a total nude way to appreciate the god's creation. This one statement will give you hundreds of hating comments. The scenario hasn't actually changed so much in the aspect of Nudity. In fact, ancient days are far better it seems. Because they painted many nude portraiture paintings and sculpted many dicks than present scenario. Why Nudity has to be treated as a piece of fine art in the society? Why can't it be treated as a normal lifestyle of a person. When we are so comfortable masturbating seeing naked men and women in porn videos by shutting our doors, why can't we feel comfortable scrolling down the people who post their nudity work on social media? Has this what millennial modernity been? Well, then it sucks. Clearly, its deepest form of hypocrisy. There are many artistic people who photograph, paint, sculpt, model under the roof of nudity. Fuck, all is literally getting screwed up with the judgmental criticism of the so called developed and modern society. In fact, our mindsets resemble the mindsets of people beyond stone age and yet we feel so proud about our developments. What a pity!

These are some of the questionable taboos in ancient days which became unquestionable taboos in present scenario. Our minds and mindsets are the reasons for this fixation of taboo concepts in the abnormality of societal culture and traditions. Why there is no unity in diversity in dealing these taboos? When one part of the society is totally striving for the normality of these concepts, why still the other part of the society, is not able to digest their normality. Because of the influential statements of some people, others, especially young kids are getting easily influenced and considering these normal concepts as taboos even today. Raise your children in an educated way and education must be something which spreads positivism in the society and definitely not the negativity by portraying basic essentials and features as taboos!