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Types of People; Sapiosexuals like to date!

Every sexual orientation is further classified into various tribes in this millennial era to let a person easily get along with one's particular preference by choosing the other person according to his physical, emotional, mental, and sexual attractions. But sapiosexuality is all about intelligence. Attracting to the minds and mindsets of the people is the main component of this orientation. Of course, sapiosexuals do have preferential choices, in choosing a partner of particular body type, hair type, interests, and sexual tendencies, but all these elements come after the intellectual attraction. Hence, the further classification of tribes in Sapiosexuality completely depends on the various kinds of people they get attracted to.

Though the intellectual capacity of a person is the main element, sapiosexuals find a few types of people as interesting, appealing, and alluring, with whom they love to get connected in every single possible way.

Nerds are the ones who like to read books a lot and showcase their interest in peculiar things and strange topics. These people find romantic novels as shit and quantum physics as interesting than anything else. With or without glasses, nerds attract sapiosexuals more than anyone else. Sapiosexuals are always hungry for knowledge and they don't miss an opportunity to listen to various universal theories and these are the only ones who don't find nerds as boring. Many nerds are sapiosexuals because they don't like it when others feel their theories as rubbish and hence, they try to find an intellectual mind or a person who can listen and understand an intellectual mind.

Sapiosexuals like well-educated people than well-paid people. Money isn't a priority in most of the sapiosexuals' lives. They believe in people who are capable enough of earning fair money through good education and knowledge than the people who earn billions with unethical businesses. Here the education means not the certifications for Harvard or Oxford universities. According to sapiosexuals, education is all about learning every single aspect from nature and the surroundings. Self-educated and self-learned people are the ones, who can attract sapiosexuals.

Smart, bold, courageous, and expressive personalities can turn on a sapiosexual within a split second. They are attracted to the people who can carry themselves without any fear, and who can portray their theories, tactics, and talents in a well-expressed manner. Confidence is one aspect that a sapiosexual can never resist. If you are a confident person who is talented and brave enough to express your skills out there in a fearless way, there are high chances, that sapiosexuals find you highly attractive.

Sapiosexuals don't differentiate between introverts and extroverts, all they care about is the right person to talk anything and get perspectives regarding any aspect of this world. Hence, if they find a person who is confined to a restricted environment and feel happy in his/her world of knowledge, they try to get along with that person to make him/her feel comfortable to appreciate the perspectives of that person. They don't easily give up on introverts, instead, they find ways to explore them by understanding their environment and their theories. If you are a restricted introvert, who likes to dig into your books and swim in the knowledge, then you must not miss a person who approaches you to listen to you and try to understand you. Only a true sapiosexual can handle a dedicated introvert.

Some sapiosexuals are wild and intense. They get attracted to intellectual arrogance and treat it as a sexual fetish. Some intellectual people are too arrogant, violent, and extreme, in proving their points. These people are undoubtedly right, but the way they deliver their theories, explanations, and portray their knowledge is a bit harsh. And these particular intellectually arrogant people make some sapiosexuals go mad, not behind their arrogant personalities, but their confidence and don't-give-a-damn personalities. If you are one among those rude yet smart people, then try facing the intense sapiosexuals.

Have you ever imagined scientists, medical dignitaries, physicists, mathematicians, and extremely knowledgeable people going out for dates? Have you ever wondered what they talk about during their dates? Have you ever thought, who can understand such intense and complex mindsets? Well, knowingly or unknowingly, most of these people get ended up with sapiosexuals. This orientation is all about appreciating the intelligence and getting attracted to the intellectual capacity of a person. A sapiosexual need not to be thoroughly educated and extremely intelligent. He/she can be an ordinary person who is curious about knowledge and who craves to hang out with an intellectual person. Sapiosexuals have a good taste in appreciating people's aesthetic talents and skills.

If you are the person who is seeking someone who can praise your talent, understand your skills, share your knowledge, explore your theories, attract to your brilliance, then sapiosexuals can be ideal partners and can make your life more interesting, intense and intelligent.

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