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Types of hot but dumb queer date partners you meet on your first date!

First dates allow any person to have an impression on the other person but not the opinion on one's personality, but in the case of a few hot but dumb people, the impression turns out to be a genuine opinion because of their silly dumb acts. In the masquerade of hotness, some people can easily camouflage their dumb brains which they hardly use. Hence, it becomes a bit complicated situation for any person to find out the real dumb scenario because of the looks.

In the queer community, you find a lot of hot queer people regardless of orientations and identities. Most of them are unique and carry rare personalities with their kinds of style statements. Strictly speaking, most queer people are look-conscious and they forget the aspects of intelligence, smartness, and capability of handling the other person. Looks will be appreciated only when you carry a mindful personality instead of getting into an unnecessary mess with your ignorant soul. So, if you want to know how to filter these hot but dumb people during your first meet, greet or date, then you must know how to deal with such people to extract their real identities out of their muscular bodies and sexy outfits.

The term 'hot' obviously defines the objectification of a person. It depends on more of a person's outer appearance, physical assets, body structure, fashionable avatars, body shapes, and of course these days materialistic possessions like fancy cars, lavish lifestyle, and rich maintenance also gradually getting under the roof of hotness. But the real hotness lies in a person's inner personality and keen brain. Here intelligence has nothing to do with dumbness. Too much intelligence makes a person, a mere nerd and that's another extreme altogether. You need to date someone who can balance the act of hotness and smartness to have an interesting dating life ahead.

Typical gym freaks come under this category. They think personality lies in building and shaping up a body and nothing else. If you are on your first date with a gym rat, you will get to talk only about protein shakes, dry fruits, and types of squats. Especially gays who are obsessed with their bodies, make other people feel ridiculous with their unnecessary information. If your date partner only speaks about the gym environment and always drives the conversation towards physical appearance, then yeah he is dumb enough to strike any conversation out of his athleisure wear. These twinks, hunks, and muscular bears, consistently try to make their date partners appreciate their toned bodies and also try to give gym suggestions. Unfortunately, some of them can't even talk about sports.

Similarly, some lesbians act completely educated and they try to match their acquired qualifications or occupations with their lifestyle maintenance, fashion, and earnings. In the process of being goal-oriented and career-focused, these women restrict themselves to come out of their worlds which are filled with materialistic upliftment but no personality development. These women speak as if they come straight out of flashy trousseau box and they exhibit such fancy behavior. Sadly, they don't know about the happenings around them, and they can only talk about their work struggles and glamour preservation. So, if you are on a date with such a lesbian, you never get to talk about yourself and anything related to the outside environment. These lesbians aren't smart, they are dumb enough to allow themselves to exposure.

Transgenders are super hot, both transwomen and transmen, they can beat heterosexual people too in terms of beauty. Even though most transgenders look good and appealing, their knowledge about the outside world can make you go mad easily before ordering a coffee on your first date. Regardless of physical, personal, and professional struggles, many transgenders have settled in good positions in society with their knowledge, intelligence, and smartness. But there come this hot but dumb category transgenders who don't have minimum knowledge about the queer community and they don't care much about happenings outside of their community. Regrettably, some of them think gays are transgenders. If you are on a date with this kind of transwoman or transman, you surely feel embarrassed about your choice because they speak shit and try to beautify that shit.

Queer people mostly don't consider the gender binary and if you ever go on a date with any queer person, try asking them to explain their non-binary gender identity because that person's answer tells you everything about that person's mind and mindset. A queer person's choice of pronouns, choice of clothing, choice of behavioral patterns, and choice of lifestyle has nothing to do with one's hotness. That person could be too hot to handle, but if that person fails to explain such important life aspects, then he/she/they lack clarity which leads to confusion and a person acts dumb when confused. If you still want to test, start having conversations about the queer scenario around. These hot but dumb queer people can't stand someone who asks them outside of their branded clothes and makeup products.

In the contrast, if you go on a date with any intersexual or asexual, the conversations go never-ending regarding their sexual struggles in society. They keep sobbing about their situations and blame people for their orientation and identity. They forget the aspect of date conversations and can easily slip into conversations that make the other person cry, revolt, or leave. They are dumb even though they are blessed with knowledge, experiences, and various encounters because they don't know where to leave their hardships and try to rub their struggles on others without asking once regarding the other person's lifestyle. These people are dumb enough to realize their date partners' queer life scenario and simply complain in front of the candlelight dinner.

No matter what kind of a queer person you meet on your first date, try to have some meaningful conversations because they let you know your date partner's dogma regarding a particular topic in the world. If your queer date partner accepts that he/she/they don't know much about it, then go ahead and talk but if your date partner tries to deny the fact, divert the topic or make a boring or annoying face, then yeah your queer date partner is dumb enough to appreciate the knowledge and not at all a good listener or speaker. Easy to filter, isn't it? But yeah, you can always sleep with a hot person. Your first date doesn't have to be utterly precious. Conversations may go wrong but if both of you like each other, you can take the date to bed!

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