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Turn your heads towards the Alpha!

Tribes are typical stereotypes but when they are portrayed on a larger basis for multiple purposes especially for the good of everyone without demeaning and degrading a particular type of person, they are considered as sub-categories of a particular community! Though homosexuals got suppressed and have faced many struggles, currently homosexuals are emerging as powerful voices in society, thanks to all those homosexuals who fought against all the odds many decades back to let the future generations enjoy the freedom! As lesbians are also one of the significant parts of the homosexuality, their various preferences, likes, behavioral patterns, and appearances, made them categorized into various tribes to let others understand their interests as a part of the first impression!

Speaking of first impressions, fierceness always stands out and the person who is dominant in every striking aspect, always outshine others around him/her. Among lesbians, the only and capable females of creating such a high voltage environment without voicing a single word, are the Alpha lesbians! They are damn named after the first letter, which portrays the priority in the lesbian community. They never seek or ask for such attention, without any knowledge people devote them the attention because of their stunning personalities!

In a whole club of females who typically spread the femininity or blended masculinity with their personalities, imagine a woman stepping with the most trending yet controversial haircut with tattoos and piercings, whose eyes say that they don't give a damn to anyone around, who look straight and don't even hesitate to step ahead in her long boots to order a peg of scotch by looking deep into the eyes of a bartender. What's your opinion on such a woman? Do you think she should ask for your attention? Your eyes merely don't demand your permission to look at her! That's how the Alpha lesbians are!

There's no exaggeration needed for this tribe of lesbians and if you think you are way out of their league, it's partly true. But still, there are chances for a person to astonish them because these women don't get into impress others, even though if they do, they are capable of taking straight women to their places. Yes, they are too much to work on! The Alpha lesbians are typically considered as the ones who love to turn straight women towards them. Mostly, they love seducing them as a part of their talents (puns intended.)

They are very individualistic and independent. They represent the fierce part of the community. They can initiate an event and complete it by interesting people towards them and make them involved in any kind of activity. Grace represents the beauty of a woman and fearlessness represents the capability of a woman. Alpha lesbians acquired both these traits as their nature. Because of their extra fierce personality, they seem unapproachable. You will run out of words if you approach them by observing their penetrating and unforgiving looks. In one phrase, they are dangerously charming.

Professionally, they do well in their careers but do not expect them to be sitting in Multinational companies and talk to you politely with utmost grace and respect. They don't belong to that category. They are creative and most importantly adventurous. They may stick with jobs that elevate their zeal towards life or else they just go with life and seize whatever it delivers. But whatever they accomplish, they always strive to be on top to achieve something rare and establish their whole empire by considering their tactics and guts. You can see them as entrepreneurs and also as activists too. They are passionate about what they do, but they are not obsessed with anything, be it money too! They know when to be silent and also when to be violent.

These particular personal and professional traits of the Alpha lesbians make other girls drool over them. They may not inspire you, but they grab your attention for sure! So, it's a bit difficult for others to digest such high standards in every possible way, and it's an assumption that these are hard to get along with. But that's not how it goes.

They don't get attracted to your fashion, your money, or your career. Alpha lesbians lookout for women who carry creative, experimental, and courageous personalities. They desire women who counter-question them. They allow you to have a drink with them until and unless you know every single bit of the drink you are holding. They look into your brains than your seductive appearances. They enjoy challenges and if you portray yourself as a challenge, then they will seriously render their efforts to entice you. An alpha lesbian looks for a partner who can add an extra feather to her cap.

Sexually, they always like playing an active role in bed with their partners. They can go vanilla initially, but don't expect them to maintain the pace in the same way; they may get wild at any moment. They want you to get along with the flow instead of portraying a dumb rock personality. Their unpredictable moves expect your moves to balance them. They are highly appealing and engaging. As mentioned earlier, they know what to do and when to do. So, you must be well prepared in almost every context to give a fitting answer to them which acts as a turn-on factor for them!

They are challenging, hence be a challenge!

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