Turn your heads towards the Alpha!

Tribes are typical stereotypes but when they are portrayed on a larger basis for multiple purposes especially for the good of everyone without demeaning and degrading a particular type of person, they are considered as sub-categories of a particular community! Though homosexuals got suppressed and have faced many struggles, currently homosexuals are emerging as powerful voices in society, thanks to all those homosexuals who fought against all the odds many decades back to let the future generations enjoy the freedom! As lesbians are also one of the significant parts of the homosexuality, their various preferences, likes, behavioral patterns, and appearances, made them categorized into various tribes to let others understand their interests as a part of the first impression!

Speaking of first impressions, fierceness always stands out and the person who is dominant in every striking aspect, always outshine others around him/her. Among lesbians, the only and capable females of creating such a high voltage environment without voicing a single word, are the Alpha lesbians! They are damn named after the first letter, which portrays the priority in the lesbian community. They never seek or ask for such attention, without any knowledge people devote them the attention because of their stunning personalities!