Try to find stillness....

Feelings are fluid. They are disturbing. They are convincing. They are diverting. They are diluting. They are too dangerous to handle, but at the same time, they are inescapable too. Yes, feelings are sometimes hard to express and sometimes cannot be hidden. Stillness is one aspect where feelings strive hard to attain. Because that is the most important destination for any feeling to reach. The calmness, the serenity, the austerity, the relaxing factor of undisturbed personality are hard to achieve. And also a person only excels something out of his feelings only when he achieves these elements.

Feeling for someone is a very easy thing. We humans can easily feel the feelings and also express them. The outcome of a feeling is an emotion and the emotions can be delivered properly if we deal them with our values, ethics and our views. And this is one of the main aspects which keep on missing people who commit all the illegal activities which disturb the harmony of our environment. There are a hell lot of feelings a person can be able to feel but there is only one feeling which any person can never get rid of, the emotion of love.

This feeling helped a king to rule the whole world and this very feeling destroyed a whole kingdom of another king. This feeling has two extremes, one can give you a new life and one can take the lives of a countless number of people. Hence, stillness is the only bridge that balances these two extremes which help a person to attain what he wants out of his feelings. The feeling of love is sacred. We come across too many people in life and we may feel the same emotion for a few of them. But, we can find the stillness with only a limited number of people, for some it can be only one person and for some, it can be with a few others. But, to find the stillness in others, a person has to feel it for himself first.