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Torn thread...Visible Knot...

Fine threads are delicate and fragile, hence they must be handled with care and grace, if not they detach from other threads, which leads to a blemish in a cloth and end up creating a hole in a fabric that becomes useless because of its wear and tear situation. Don't you think these threads resemble the layers of a relationship? If one layer gets disturbed, the whole relationship gets messed up and that's when the breakup phase comes to shape.

A breakup of a relationship, be it small or big or funny or serious, it surely has its effect on a relationship in some or the other way, results in a tiny or huge mess. Because we humans are good at hurting others and hurting ourselves too. We are walking disasters with sharp tongues when it comes to bringing up arguments. A small conversation can lead to a huge argument, which could be completely unnecessary. But instead of controlling our senses, we get raged by them and act exactly opposite to our conscience. Breakups are the situations that are raised by emotions like anger, frustration, bad attitude, jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, doubtfulness, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. All these negative acts as reasons for a breakup between a lovely couple. If a relationship includes two people, it is the same with breakup too. The reasons can be various negative traits in a couple, both of them are equally responsible!

Some people sort it out by convincing their partners or by getting convinced by them. But do you think that love between a couple can be the same after a breakup? It will alter for sure. The relationship can be more romantic and less argumentative or less romantic and more formal. No matter what, if a couple goes through a single breakup phase in their life, the instances will change thereafter in some or the other way. Imagine, a couple goes through a series of breakups and patch-ups, their love life could be a real mess. No matter how badly a couple tries in their lifetime, they can never forget or come over those typical breakup phases they have gone through. Yes, they must pretend that nothing has happened and just move on with the hope of love further in their life.

It's the same with threads. A detached thread can never be attached back in its original form. One must make an effort to tie it up with its detached original with a knot and connect it again to give its original form with a change. Here, the change is the knot, which is visible forever. Unless the thread has some supernatural healing powers, it can never get its original form without a visible knot. Once detached can be attached, but with a mark on it, exactly the way how life works and especially how love works.

Though the story of Ram and Sita, has considered as the greatest relationship of the Universe, the breakup phases, still move people in their hearts considering the situations of Ram and Sita during their 14 years exile and the birth of Luv and Kush in forests though Sita was the Queen of Ayodhya. Even the greatest stories of all time, could not escape these marks in history. Their relationship thread could be stronger than anyone, but it did break in some weak moments and though the universe made them get back to each other, the remarks on their marriage and love were inescapable as visible knots and still be told in the Epic of Ramayana. The reason because of their break phases wasn't either of them, it was the society in those days. But it was they who allowed it to happen. Similarly, you need not be the reason for your breakups, but you surely become victims if you allow others or sometimes your thoughts to make it happen and lead to a detachment.

No one can escape from visible knots, indeed they act as the strength of a thread. Visible knots are unpredictable and equally useful to build up a relationship stronger. If you can see a knot in your relationship thread, it means you have considered yourself to stay in a relationship by crossing the hurdles and by keeping efforts to take it further, which is a good sign. A relationship without a few fights, arguments and sometimes temporary breakups isn't exciting. But at the same time, too many breakups and patch-ups, make you lose the zeal of a relationship and you may either end it up or you live with them whole life sulking at each other in every situation you face because you will be ending up having too many things to deal in every possible way and can never come over them.

Like how a thread with too many visible knots, looks ugly and weak and ready to get torn, your relationship also may irk off you and the people around you and considered as fools of being in such kind of relationship. Do not focus on the visible knots or breakup phase, just focus on your relationship thread and try to strengthen it more and more so that it can never be torn again. Always remember, do not give a chance for another visible knot in your relationship thread!!

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