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Too Quick to Understand?

People in this millennial era are emerging with their advanced technological abilities. Everything is happening Online. Dating is included too. In my own experiences, Online gay dating apps work good, but not better than straight dating apps.

I have seen many people getting irritated with the network delay caused by these social apps. People have no power of choice then. Some were too desperate enough to search for holes and poles online regardless network delays.

When there were limitations in dating life, people came up with easy and indirect methods to get the work done. Gay dating apps were no exceptions in this case. People started using these apps as a platform to share and exchange numbers so that they could talk and see each other digitally through other social networking apps. It wasn't always so easy, though. People didn't want everything about them to be revealed publicly because of few unfortunate and embarrassing situations faced by many in the LGBT community of Delhi. Some didn't even like to reveal their identities and appearances too. Guess what I've found out? Those were the one's who was quite desperate about fucking and getting fucked. People in Delhi overlooked the concept of Love and Trust as they were more focused about Lust, Sex and Confusion.

A few gay dating apps

Switching on to the concept of Confusion, people over here (Delhi) were confused about their sexual orientations, sexual preferences and sexual encounters too. They didn't know what they were and what they needed on the concept of sex. Some were very clear about what they need, in fact, they were too straight to the point when it comes to giving and taking fucks. I felt like appreciating them. Rather than getting confused and wearing masks of being good, it's better to be rude and cast what they actually want.

Shocking part was 93% of the people whom I have been approached, were there for just sexual encounters. It seemed, they were more busy to even invest their time on sharing a coffee at least. Not that they work like crazy, it was just they didn't want to spend time or money on people. They didn't want to be misconstrued. But, again that was the lamest thing. Who, on this earth will literally get exclusive on first coffee date? Creepy.

The situation was very obvious when I have literally asked people to meet me first. Because rather than getting into beds directly, I preferred a good talk over a coffee. C'mon, after spending my whole life getting fucked up literally, I wanted to take better quality fucks in Delhi.

Trust me, Delhi was and also will be fucking adventurous and experimental place ever for all those who are mostly into NSA (No Strings attached) F&F (Fuck and Forget), HF (High fun), Threesomes, Gay orgies, Gay massages and what not every single sexual gay adventure is included. Because, it's Delhi (Kyun ki Dilli wale, Dilwale Han). They have huge hearts and never run out of options in pleasing their sexual desires. They can read everyone's pulse in the span of seconds. And yeah, when you keep the concept of sexual orientations apart, Delhi boys are fucking hot.

My love towards bearded men made me edit in Paint.

Some were so cherubic with their beards. But I didn't understand the trend of having Untrimmed and tumbledown larger beards for life. Out of ten, nine guys were following the trend. They might have got inspired and influenced by those Beard brands which were booming. But Fuck it, the guys were so adorable. In fact, when they used to stare at me, I used to revert them by checking them out. What to do about it then? They were all so dang cute! I used to do all this shit behind my eye shades.

Because, I don't like when people get to know while I'm checking them out. Wink, Wink.

People were very instant and spontaneous about meeting others. They literally wanted everything to be started and end up soon. They were just too fast. Usually and sexually too. It seemed, they were representing Metropolitan lifestyle. Too quick to understand. They didn't have patience about anything. I was shocked and startled when I came across few people virtually, who wanted to get into a relationship within few messages of the initial conversations. That was weird and scary thought.

I understand the concept of falling in love at first sight, but I can never relate myself getting into a relationship in the first message. That sounds ridiculous. It was also weird getting that from people who stay in Delhi. But later, when I checked once again, I found that they weren't the residents of Delhi. I thought, Delhi guys in Gay community were quite confused with the word called Love. Some were acting matured with their own dumb ways to find their Love. Some were still swinging in La la land and expecting their Prince Charming. Some were totally depressed and lost hopes in finding their true love. Some people were not even giving a chance to crowd to degrade them, because they were doing it on their own by themselves. A hell lot of mixed opinions were running in my first two days of Delhi. I was disappointed and dissatisfied with the content I was acquiring.

Confused and Hard to Understand

Fine, till now I have stated all my opinions about my experiences in the initial couple of days in Delhi. I was true to most of it, but also kind of stereotypical and judgmental about the gay scenario in the Capital City because of my previous experiences with Delhi guys, five years ago and also drifted away by the mixed opinions of others. The Delhi gay scenario is not too bad to be experienced. If you explore well, you can find inner truths and fruitful opinions about LGBT community here. I was negative till I visited India's first Queer cafe!

Catch the exclusive Q cafe story in my upcoming blog. Till then don't come to an opinion about Delhi Queer community, because there's a lot more to share about it..!

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