Toning down these 'E's will keep you balanced in your dating life!

Adjusting remains the primary aspect to survive a romantic relationship. If you fail at it, then your dating life becomes a terrible mess with endless extremes to deal with. Most times, it is substantial for a person to stay balanced with one's romanticism to flourish in a happy dating life and to see the future with a deserving dating partner. Some aspects like love, trust, passion, respect, attention and affection can be more than required in a relationship. Still, a few aspects should not exceed beyond limitations and it is inevitably suggested to tone them down regularly to balance one's dating life scenario. So, here are some of those aspects a person or a couple must tone down to adjust to each other and enjoy a meaningful dating life instead of ending up as a dating disaster.


One of the dangerous traits that possess the capability of ruining even the rulers. If you think you rule your romantic life and your dating partners with a tint of dominance, then your egoistic personality consistently faces wrath and you keep losing people regardless of your achievements. Having an ego up to a level that entitles one's self-esteem and self-respect portrays a person's individuality in a relationship but if it exceeds to an extreme where one feels and insists everything should go according to one's rules to satisfy one's ego, then things go gravely wrong. In this current generation, everyone cares about their ego, and they feel attacked if someone tries to crush their individuality.

At times, you need to tone your ego down accordingly to allow your partner to adjust to those dating situations that bring you both nearer than split you up. It is okay to tone down sometimes because a devoted lover knows when to lose one's ego to gain one's love. Whenever you feel that your ego speaks instead of you, it is worthier to reduce your ego levels to reach your partner's ego level in terms of listening, understanding, perceiving and respecting your partner's side of the story instead of beating yourself up blindly with your ego drums.