To all the queer supporters who face the societal criticism!

If you are a person from the queer community, then you surely understand the kind of criticism a person faces for being an open or closeted homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, pansexual, or even asexual. We all are moderately habituated dealing with weird comments, annoying statements, stereotypical judgments. Some of us ignore, some of us feel disappointed and some of us fight against all the odds to shut the judgmental criticism. Facing and dealing with such demeaning people have become a part of our daily routine. But do you think the people who support the queer community also must encounter this criticism?

All the queer supporters are considered as queer and this is becoming a huge concern for all the queer people. Do you know how and why? Well, if you are gay and come out openly to everyone, you will understand the scenario around you, when you hang out with a straight man. Typically, the society has stooped down to its most depressed levels by assuming, if a gay person hangs out with another male, then that particular male must be surely considered as gay regardless of his identity and orientation. Because of this perception, many homosexuals lost many of their heterosexual pals with whom they used to share everything like brothers and sisters.

Come on, we belong to society, where people assume a closely moving brother and sister, as a couple. Hence, this fragility between heterosexuals and homosexuals is quite expected. This is the very reason why many straight men and women who can support the queer community, slightly getting drifted away to pass judgments and comment on the queer community! There is no rule that people who support the LGBTQIA+ community must be from the community itself. People in the same community don't need to support each other, because by default they get each other's back, all they need is unity! Hence, support must be always from the outside of the community.

Then why this ignorant society can't be able to understand this sensitive scenario and throwing inaccurate assumptions about people who support the queer community? Because many people have this weird theory in mind that gays like men and lesbians like women. Hence, gays and lesbians sleep with every random man and woman they find. Well, if this is the scenario, how heterosexuals work? Not every man goes around with every woman right. People select their soul mates or life partners by considering various aspects physically, emotionally, and even financially too! Then why don't these ignorant people apply the same rule to the queer community?

Why do you think all gays find your manly personality as attractive in this world and why do you think every lesbian tries to steal your daughter or your sister? Isn't it ridiculous to even imagine? This is the main assumption which is pressurizing the queer supporters to face the criticism. Like how a bisexual never wanted to consider himself/herself as a heterosexual person, in the same way, no straight man or woman wants to be seriously tagged as gay or lesbian? Orientations work the same way, regardless of the genders and sexes.

We witness many heterosexual people joining the queer pride marches or queer carnivals to spread love and good vibes, especially to show immense support to their sons, daughters, friends, colleagues, even exes who come out after breakups too. This doesn't mean those people should be considered as queer. Many heterosexuals support in a closeted way instead of shouting slogans out loud in public. Because they are intimidated by what others think of them if they openly support the queer community. This restricted supportive scenario is mostly seen in parts of India.

In a conservative and highly restricted society of India, coming out as queer is a hectic task. People always get stressed about other opinions here. Hence, the queer supporters always face judgments from this opinionated societal structure. This is why, the queer community of India, is losing thousands of supporters everywhere. Most of the supporters end up facing these annoying assumptions of people. Some don't mind others tagging them as queer, but some get offended because they are not queer.