To all the people who think traumatic experiences are the reasons for a person to be queer!

Out of all the other stereotypes, this particular one is the most demeaning and pointless too. Yeah, humans become ridiculous when they can't get rid out of their ignorant mindsets, and hence they try to convince themselves and others to prove the modernity wrong. Unfortunately, the queer community gets always attacked by these baseless judgments. Hence, to prove a person from the queer community wrong, people throw their opinions on a person's past instead of scrutinizing the person's feelings.

Every random person on earth might have suffered many incidents in childhood that affect the psychological approach towards a few things. The abusive behavior of the parents and other elders, makes a child develop his way of approaches to a particular aspect, which may either end him up in peace or else in violence. Physical abuse in childhood or past, make a person deal with trust issues or commitment issues. And sexual abuse in the past causes a person become over-protective, anxious, and face some psychological disturbances. So, do you think that past traumatic experiences have anything to do with sexual orientations?

Strictly, no! Because sexual orientation is not just a physical, mental, or sexual feeling, it is the nature of a person which no one can take out of that person. All a person can do, is to correct one's nature properly to match one's soul with the body to lead a beautiful life ahead. Well, if you think homosexuality cause when a kid gets sexually abused or molested by a same-sex pervert, then do you think the same thing happens in heterosexuality too? Do you think a heterosexual girl who got sexually abused by a man, make her a heterosexual just because she had to deal with a pervert, sexually in her childhood? If this is the case, all kids must be sexually molested in their childhood days to get into preferred sexuality when they grow up in the future. Doesn't it sound completely disgusting?

By pointing out at a gay person's homosexuality by considering his past traumatic experiences, you are degrading the meaning of sexuality in the first place. Because no matter whether he gets abused or not, he would be gay throughout his damn life, and yes, he may transform into other orientations, as the sexualities are fluid. Children who suffered accidents in the past, carry some scars throughout life and in the same way some psychological traumatic experiences make a child encounter few troubles later. Like, how the scars can be treated, even those bad experiences can be vanished off gradually. These bodily and emotionally traumatic experiences affect the person's feelings and approach towards one's self or others.

So, never throw your baseless opinion by saying that people from the LGBTQ+ community face a lot of traumatic experiences in the past. And because of this senseless assumption, some people are supporting homophobia. Just because a heterosexual kid faces sexual abuse from another man in childhood, it won't make that kid a homophobic after he grows up. Homophobia is a choice and homosexuality is a legitimate orientation. If you choose to dislike a person, no matter what, your psychological mind will never allow you to admire the person. Similarly, if you develop a wrong opinion regarding homosexuality without considering the facts and normality, you always end up being homophobic, which is again baseless. Some homophobic people simply throw the guilty on their past bad experiences with some same-sex perverts. Don't generalize the whole orientation because of your one unpleasant experience. Just think and act accordingly. Because if we have to consider all the bad experiences, then more than 60% of kids in India, must end up hating their parents for their restrictive rules and regulations.

And also, don't think a person from the LGBTQ+ community can never lead a normal life. That was the past and unfortunately, many activists have fought against all the odds for the normality of the queer community. In this modern era, everything has become too normal and queer people are leading lives exactly like heterosexual people. From gay weddings in many countries, to a transgender couple giving birth to a baby girl, everything has become normal in the world. It has to be, because homosexuals, bisexuals, transsexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals are also the same as humans like heterosexuals. Hence, stop stereotyping the lives of queer people as abnormal. If you still want to stereotype LGBTQ+ community people, then go look at the comparative statistics of every aspect between homosexuals and heterosexuals, you will get to witness the reality.

This stereotype will only vanish when people start realizing that sexual orientations not only based on psychological traits but many other factors too and traumatic experiences may affect the psychology of a person but never affect the sexual orientation of the person. Try observing the difference. If you don't like to accept, then stay calm instead of spreading hatred and baseless stereotypical assumptions that ruin the harmony of the whole community.

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