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To all the heterosexual men who think lesbians are their female incarnations!

Heterosexual men and women remain critical problems for every lesbian from childhood. Because a compliment from a lesbian seems flirtatious to heterosexual men and pure flirting from a lesbian always gets considered as a compliment to heterosexual women. The basic definition of lesbian always gets diluted by some heterosexual men who are perverts. A lesbian befalls a person, basically a female who gets attracted to another female in every possible way. Similar sexual attractions can also be seen in heterosexuality, like how men get attracted to women. Do you think both of these scenarios are the same? Hell no, because these represent two different sexual orientations. Then why most of the straight men stereotype lesbians as their equal counterparts just because they sexually get attracted to women at the end of the day?

Entitle it as an assumption or perception, but this conception is completely wrong which leads to many problems, especially for lesbians. Strictly speaking, most of the lesbians are not typical feminine types. They portray the strong, independent, and individualistic personalities that resemble many men out there. There are no such men and women personalities. But if one typically considers the olden gender behavioral patterns, lesbians prove no less than men in every aspect. In-depth, butch lesbians and boi lesbians can easily get along with heterosexual men because of the syncing personalities and thoughts. Most importantly, butch lesbians are indeed pleasanter in flirting with women than heterosexual men.

We are humans and when psychologically people compare themselves with their alike, then they form an opinion that they belong to the same crowd. Well, the same thing happens with lesbians and heterosexual men. It is statistically proven that heterosexual men get along with lesbians easily and vice versa. In the end, everyone must know that heterosexuality and homosexuality are two diverse sexual orientations. Except for the aspect of love, everything is different. The only similarity between heterosexual men and lesbians are women. Indeed, the approaches are also completely different. Don't you agree?

Well, the cases registered on domestic violence describe everything about how most of the heterosexual men approach women. Rapes, acid attacks, dowry violence, and murders are live examples. But yeah, not every man is the same. But one must understand the other person before getting along instead of regretting later.

Some heterosexual men stoop down themselves to sexually abuse and degrade women through mean comments and annoying oppression. Can a lesbian ever consider the thought of degrading the fellow woman just because of rejection or just because she is over flirtatious or horny enough? Never! Because a female to female connection is always stronger than a female to male connection, especially in so-called like-mindedness situations? Sorry, if a woman considers herself completely the same with a heterosexual man in the aspect of teasing and harassing other women, then she deserves one minute of silence!

Lesbians are women who get attracted to women, hence they must not be considered as female incarnations of heterosexual men. It is okay to make fun of a lesbian regarding her behavioral patterns and dressing sense which can be tolerated to some extent. But taking advantage of a lesbian just because she gets along with a heterosexual man is completely intolerable. No matter whether she walks like a man, talks like a man, wears shirts like a man, gets attracted to women like a man, she never becomes a man. Because the remains of femininity always stay in a person's soul, regardless of the body and its behavior. This is why lesbian can display the most authentic form of love to other women.

Some heterosexual men are in the form of fathers, brothers, and friends. They completely take lesbians wrong. They assume that lesbians, urge their wives, sisters, and partners turn into lesbians. The fun part is some dumb men, feel lesbians as safer to protect their female companions. Both of these assumptions completely go wrong if proper attention is ungiven. If you think that being a lesbian is a disease and it attacks your daughter or sister, then you must book an appointment with a psychologist, because who knows one day your daughter or sister or even your wife may come out as a lesbian. And also don't think your female partners are better safe with their lesbian pals and not other male pals. This is such a ridiculous myth that revolves around homosexuality and heterosexuality. Ultimately, if your sister or daughter or wife chooses to cheat on you by sleeping with her lesbian pal, you can't do anything except breaking your head for your so-called dumb assumption.

Like, lust and love are the three expressions and uncontrollable emotions, and at the same time, it completely depends on a person to control those emotions. All a person needs to do is act accordingly. Heterosexual men must consider their lesbian pals as women and respect their body, orientation, career, and lifestyle choices like how they respect themselves. Your like-mindedness should never hurt lesbians and most importantly, you don't have any right to seize them for granted and take advantage of their leniency. Lesbians are females and respect them as females. Period!

#everydayqueerlife #towardslove #breakingstereotypes #lesbians #heterosexualmen #queerlifestruggles

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