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Tips which help the sex life of transgenders couples!

Apart from the uninteresting fact that most people treat sex with transgenders as fetish, if you are transgender or a person who loves getting engaged sexually with transgenders, then you must treat the physical intimacy as human emotional intercourse, rather than just considering it as some random fun or one in a lifetime experience! Perversity in sex is unacceptable, and it makes the other person feel disrespected. Hence, you must know a few facts regarding how transgender sex works and how transgenders like to get sexually engaged with their partners!

Transgender community includes trans-men, trans-women, transsexuals, males (FTM) , females(MTF) , genderqueer, etc. All these are people of various gender identities who can identify themselves as transgender (sexual orientation). Hence, you must know that the genitals have nothing to do with gender identities and those identities have nothing to do with the orientation. If you can mentally segregate these terms and psychologically prepare yourself with clarity, then you could appreciate the sexual contact with transgenders. If not a sudden revelation of transgender personalities without understanding how they work, can make you feel different and also make your transgender partner uncomfortable!

Transgenders go through physical transitions to transform themselves completely from one gender to another. These transitions include surgical methods. Hence, the genitalia of a transgender person may vary from pre-op to post-op. Some may get both the top and bottom surgeries, but most of them get top surgeries done for the sake of proving their transformation from male to female or female to male. Sadly, the chest part always matters for society to differentiate men and women! These are the basic facts a person must know before committing to transgenders sexually. If you are a person who belongs to any other sexual orientation and loves to have sex with transgenders, then be prepared to encounter people with blended genitals in the same body. Like, a trans-woman has breasts and a penis whereas a trans-man comes with a flat chest and vagina. This scenario is mostly seen with transgenders who are partially operated!

If it is a new experience for you to be with a transgender person sexually, then you must get habituated with the surgical scars on their bodies. Sometimes they may distract you, but if you take it as part of the process of transformation, then it will make you feel confident and also an understanding partner. Remember, confidence always helps you in boosting your sexual performance in bed. Trans-men who are on testosterone supplements and trans-women who are on estrogen, during the process, you may feel different and uneasy. And these hormonal changes may affect your sex life too. Due to this, the sexual arousal may get affected, hence it is always recommended for trans-men to go with viagra and trans-women to take topical estrogen. But before anything, consult a doctor if you are ever uncomfortable in bed during sex arousal.

Never feel that you are different. Be normal and treat yourself as normal. This makes another person get attracted to you more. Romance and foreplay always give a better boost for further physical engagement. Transgenders can always balance their sex life through anal sex. Hence, explore various anal sex positions to try and spice up your sex life with your partners. Your trans-woman partner could be a chick with a dick. This doesn't mean she just receives the penetration. Transgenders are not just restricted to receiving sex roles. Most of them love playing the roles of givers too. Hence, transgenders also swing both ways regardless of their genitalia.

At the same time, transgender doesn't need to use all of his/her genitals. Though sex has everything to with the genitals, some don't like involving their genitals in the session like some trans-women don't like using their penises as part of their sex sessions. So, it is always important to communicate about what you want and what you don't. To boost up your personality in bed, prefer the sensual clothing which seduces or entices your partner to the core. Trans-women prefer sexy lingerie to attract their partners, be it male or female. In the same way, trans-men prefer cowboy hats, leather, and latex clothing to get into those hot handsome roles. Yes, a perfect role play, can get you deeply connected with the character you like and it elevates the intimate environment around you.

Keep your safety as your topmost priority. During surgical transitions, it is important to take things slow instead of trying wild or rough sex patterns. And always practice safe sex. Use condoms, female condoms, dental dams for oral sex, and anal sex which protects you from ruptures on operated areas. These always help you to get rid of sexually transmitted diseases and undesirable consequences, especially for those transgenders during the surgical transitions.

Appreciate your body and be flexible enough with your personality. If you are in a relationship with a transgender, it's your minimum responsibility to make your partner comfortable in bed by communicating and most importantly by being genuine. If you have any doubts regarding any aspect, just speak up and act accordingly. It is the same with every transgender too. Unlike others, you are blessed with a special sensuality. So be proud of what you have. Never slip into gender dysphoria just because your unwanted genitals distract your mind while having sex. Go with the flow and consider them as just as parts. Work on satisfying yourself and your partner's sexual desires by being emotionally and physically engaged in bed.

So, what are you waiting for? Be prepared to seduce your partner with clothing, kiss deeply to engage your partner in deep muffing oral sex, ride your partner's sex drive by balancing your anal penetrations, and in the end, happily climax by reaching the orgasmic nirvana in sex!

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