Tips to understand the attitudes of homophobic people!

Of course, now you may wonder why it is necessary to understand the behavioral patterns and attitudes of people who criticize and spread hatred towards the queer community with their homophobic or queerphobic personalities. Indeed, it is important because if you can understand a person's personality traits by focusing on one's backdrop, it becomes easier for a queer person to make a homophobic person, understand and perceive the reality of the queer community!

Fighting against homophobia, not only involves shouting out slogans, marching pride parades, and arguing with every random homophobic person, but it also involves bringing out the healthy change among homophobic people to make sure every homophobic person gets transformed into a queer ally. Revolutionary approaches don't work all the time!

To understand a particular person, you need to know the background of that person including his/her social beliefs, religious faiths, communal upbringing, family ethics, and educational etiquettes. Yes, these all play a vital role in developing a person's mindset. Well, do you expect a typical village boy who hardly has access to the internet, to talk about the recent spring/summer fashion collection of any International designer label? No, right. Instead, he can heartily give you a village tour and can make you understand the value of agriculture. And, until and unless if you try to educate him regarding fashion, he can never become aware of the glamorous industry!