Tips to understand the attitudes of homophobic people!

Of course, now you may wonder why it is necessary to understand the behavioral patterns and attitudes of people who criticize and spread hatred towards the queer community with their homophobic or queerphobic personalities. Indeed, it is important because if you can understand a person's personality traits by focusing on one's backdrop, it becomes easier for a queer person to make a homophobic person, understand and perceive the reality of the queer community!

Fighting against homophobia, not only involves shouting out slogans, marching pride parades, and arguing with every random homophobic person, but it also involves bringing out the healthy change among homophobic people to make sure every homophobic person gets transformed into a queer ally. Revolutionary approaches don't work all the time!

To understand a particular person, you need to know the background of that person including his/her social beliefs, religious faiths, communal upbringing, family ethics, and educational etiquettes. Yes, these all play a vital role in developing a person's mindset. Well, do you expect a typical village boy who hardly has access to the internet, to talk about the recent spring/summer fashion collection of any International designer label? No, right. Instead, he can heartily give you a village tour and can make you understand the value of agriculture. And, until and unless if you try to educate him regarding fashion, he can never become aware of the glamorous industry!

So, every queer person out there should try one's level best to make people appreciate the value of the queer community by considering the other person's background. And, of course, sometimes you need to deal with ignorant people too. They may not change, but you can still try, right?

Many religions portrayed that being a homosexual as a sinful act. And these so-called religious middlemen between God and humans, always preach to people the wrong things and sometimes the right things in the wrong way too. This is the very reason, why you find many homophobic people drag the aspect of religion into the talks of sexual orientations and gender identities. If God hasn't accepted the fact of homosexuality, then why the hell queer people exist around 15% on earth? God created humans with various orientations alongside heterosexuals. Tackle these religious homophobic people by questioning and cornering them regarding their knowledge of the existence of God and proofs related to the immoral act of being gay. C'mon, if the Pope himself considers queer people as god's children, then who the hell are these religious homophobic people?

Some people come from a poor educational background with limited knowledge and sometimes you encounter people who don't even know and aware of the basic queer terminology. Instead of berating them by using your high-level proficiency, talk to them and make them understand everything you know regarding the queer community. Lack of knowledge is one of the main reasons for people being considered homophobic. Simple logic, every person gets scared of walking in an unknown dark path. Similarly, if a person doesn't have any idea regarding homosexuality, how do you expect him to understand the whole scenario around it? Phobias may raise out of unknown details. So, introduce your queer world to all the heterosexuals who are curious and display zeal towards learning every aspect of the queer community. Do not get aggressive. It develops a misleading impression!

Just because your mom paints your nails and accepts if you get decked up in a drag avatar, it doesn't mean all the parents of your peers and colleagues, should behave and understand their children in the same manner. Never impose your upbringing on others. You may be a headstrong person who always breaks the stereotypes and you might have made your parents understand your orientation and succeeded in it, but don't accept everyone to be like you. Instead, you can encourage them to be themselves and urge them to come out to their parents. Well, this is about the people who act as being homophobic just to blend in with others and not to get into unnecessary consequences from family and friends. Do you know, how difficult it is for a person to act homophobic even though he is a homosexual? So, instead of forcing your opinions, try to boost their emotional willpower to confront their dilemma and come out stronger!

Typical societal norms are making many people behave as serious homophobic monsters in society. Various conservative regulations are the main reasons for a few people to become homophobic even though they don't recognize why they hate homosexuals or queer people. Social influence is another disastrous reason for creating phobias towards the queer community. Work for breaking those social beliefs and societal norms. You don't have to target the people, instead, you have to focus on that silly stupid social belief and crush it till the people understand the real scenario. It happens only if you understand people and their regional influences, cultures, traditions, and most importantly their rigid conservative beliefs!