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Tips to tackle your jerk boyfriend!

No one likes to hang out with a jerk and surely, no one likes to have a boyfriend who is a jerk. And if you think you are in love with a guy who is a jerk, then it is quite pitiable but if you have that confidence in you that you change his attitude and personality for the betterment of your relationship, then you must know how to handle such jerks or your jerk boyfriend in your life.

Firstly, no one can know what kind of personality a person has before falling in love or getting committed. So, you don't have to blame yourself if you ever end up with a jerk. Because even jerks know how to manipulate things to whatever they want. That's what makes them jerks. So, do not treat yourself badly for having such a prick in your life. It's just a wrong choice, totally a redeemable mistake. But there are only two ways to redeem: to get rid of such jerks or else to handle them in a way that they should realize their ridiculous behavior and get some sense to act sanely. Instead of getting jealous when your boyfriend looks at other girls or guys, just confront him to know the reason behind his stupidity because for sure he gives you the worst reasons. He will never accept that his lust sometimes makes him check out others because he gets afraid of the consequences but he will never stop checking out others. Apply the reverse theory and you also pretend to check others while you hang out with your jerk boyfriend. He gets offended and he surely drives you crazy by asking hundreds of questions. The typical jerk behavior!

No matter what you say, jerks always turn the conversations according to themselves. They don't even care about your opinions. All your jerk boyfriend wants you to nod for his every word because he loves controlling you. At this time, take stand for yourself and speak out your opinion about any issue. This may hurt his ego but it also makes him understand to respect your opinion. If you keep nodding for every single aspect, it encourages him to be a jerk forever. Sometimes, you need to behave rigid and hard to mend things your way. Does your boyfriend always make you spend money all the time, whereas he gives you meaningless explanations like forgetting his wallet, blocked cards, month-end behavior in the initial days of the month, saving for stupid reasons? Well, you must get rid of these kinds of jerks. They always end up using you and make you spend for their expenses, always. A relationship can be stronger only if there are no financial transactions between two people. Money can do many things, but it ruins relationships for sure. Until and unless you feel his reason is valid enough, do not take a penny out of your purse. Just make him pay or else leave him once without paying. This will get him some shame and if he realizes his mistake, he will be there for you, if not, it's better to be single than hanging out such sucking jerks.

If your boyfriend takes you very normal and never seriously, then he is surely a jerk. If you receive a reply to your message after more than 12 hours from your boyfriend and come to know that he was busy playing some video games or doing something useless, then it's time to wake up and teach him a lesson. Ignore him to the core and let him crave for you and know the value of spending time with you. This will change the scenario but it is difficult and it can only happen if you stay strong and focused to get your jerk boyfriend back to his love sense. Always remember, priorities do matter in a relationship. If you are not among one of the top five priorities of your boyfriend, then you are wasting your time.

Listen to your friends and their opinions regarding your boyfriend. Because that always helps. If every one of your pals says something that your boyfriend is a jerk, then trust them. Because these jerks can never get along with any person outside of their circle and they don't make any effort to know about your world. They don't give proper attention to your likes and dislikes. All they do is to rub their likes and dislikes on you and make you end up dealing with their shit like yours. Simple. Get rid of him as soon as possible. Because, one day, he will prove himself as a jerk by proving your friends true.

Sexually, your jerk boyfriend acts as a true jerk. He may force you, he may ask you to do something you not into, he acts selfish by receiving all he wants but giving nothing sensually. His dominant bed behavior makes you understand his jerk personality. If your partner's sexual urges making you uncomfortable or afraid or disgusting, then you must give a second thought about hanging out with that person. They just bother about their sexual satisfaction, some jerks even jerk off in front of you to portray your low and an epitome of disappointment. Do not give a damn to that behavior. Your boyfriend must make love with you romantically not in a forceful way and he must consider your choices. If that's not happening, then you are with the wrong person!

To know whether your boyfriend is a jerk or not, you must know about that person clearly and observe his behavioral attributes. Only guys are treated as jerks because most of them act foolishly without knowing their further steps, unlike girls. But, there is a different term for foolish girls though. Jerks come with a manipulative, disgusting, demeaning, degrading, overpowering, reckless and judgmental personality. Do you think all these traits can lift you in your love-life or relationship? These jerks drown themselves and also drag their partners with their utmost foolish behavior. So, if you are fed up dealing with your jerk boyfriend, just let him drown and you must leave him to have a happy and secure life.

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