Tips to tackle your attention craving partner!

Before learning the tips, if you realize that your partner is giving you the utmost attention or you are paying better attention towards your partner and his/her activities, never think that you are committing a mistake or you are being suffocated. Because, in this millennial era, it is hard to get people who pay attention to you for the wellness of you. So, cherish it and there exist some people who truly suffocate others by paying way too much attention and also, sometimes, unintentionally you might be prone to focus on your partner just more than required, and at this point, you need to recheck the proportion of love in the survival of your romantic relationship.

Love is all about faith, trust, care, affection, and attention. Attention is not calling or messaging or being with your partner all the time. It's recognizing and realizing the love which is shared between you and your partner. Sometimes you feel it is less and sometimes it is unnecessary to receive more. And this is when a couple can see ripples in their relationship. Crests and troughs are common in any relationship. If attention becomes a reason for all those troughs, then you must be alert to save your bond by handling your partner and sometimes yourselves too.

  • No human on this whole earth won't be busy in the whole 24 hours. So, if you can't spare at least five minutes a day to recognize the existence of your partner, you don't have any right to cage a person in your life under the name of love, lust, relationship, commitment, and most importantly feelings. And if you feel your partner is craving for your attention, then you must know that you are hardly paying him/her the attention you need to give. Change your mindset and work on your schedules. Simple!

  • At the same time, if your partner is workaholic or always busy with one's schedules and misses out a day or two by not noticing your existence, do not freak out. You might be idle all time, but people have things to do and there is no rule that if a person does not call you or text you, it doesn't mean that he/she isn't thinking about you. If they don't give attention, you can always provide and make your partner understand that, you realize his/her preferences.

  • If a person truly loves you, he/she surely thinks about you and take efforts to reach you to at least know how you are doing or how your day is getting wrapped. So, if that's not happening for a long time, you need to give second thoughts about your relationship.

  • If you have already signed up for an attention-craving partner, then you must stick to your partner and the consequences, because no one is perfect and all you can do is to try for being perfect by handling your partner properly and giving the attention he/she requires. No option left (if you want to have that person in your life).

  • If you are busy enough, but still thinking about your partner, drop a message that you think about him/her. This works like a magic and you don't have to turn up to your sulking partner to convince for your deeds.

  • These attention-craving people act silly sometimes, but they will understand you if you come with a good explanation about your lack of attentiveness. It's just they need their loved ones to be with them or talk to them to make them feel good.