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Tips to tackle the homophobes and their criticism...

Homophobic people are the ardent believers of heterosexual nature and they are the ones who can't accept the other side of the coin in the aspects of sexuality. Unlike people from various sexual orientations, these people stubborn about their belief of the unnatural existence of any person or place or situation. Simply, these are the ones who can't face change and society with different norms. It's not their mistake to be against homosexual people. It's the mistake of the society, their ancestors who influenced them to believe that only a man and a woman can love each other and especially can be in a sexual relationship with each other. Unfortunately, yes, these people do exist even today in between us, some criticize the queer directly and some are irked towards the queer in various indirect ways. But, we must accept that these people do exist in many people around us who may have accepted you for some materialistic reasons, but never accept you wholeheartedly because of their homophobic nature.

More than a phobia, these people feel sick talking, listening and reading stories about homosexuality, bisexuality, transsexualism and the total queer, all the people who aren't like them, man to woman. Handling them needs the utmost energies to defend them at every point they throw at us, which means we must make sure we have answers for every single irritating question, they ask us. Here are some of the ways we can tackle them cleverly by not hurting them and hurting ourselves and hurting the harmony of society.

  • The first thing, any homophobe raise is, the unnatural concept of the queer. Do you think that if being gay is unnatural, then why the hell we still breathing and reading this, why the hell every homophobic question this inappropriate one? It is natural and hence we exist in this nature and leading a life on earth with the same genitals and with various choices of sexual orientations other than only being heterosexual.

  • All the queer must surely come across people who ask about the sexual activities. All you need to do is to explain to them every single detail you know, rather than just answering them one-liners like cock sucking, ass licking, fingering, butt fucking phrases. We are way better than that. We should enlighten the people who are desperate to know our sexual intimacy. Feel proud to say how you make love instead of using sex terminology.

  • Homophobic people always throw tantrums and purposefully irritate us about our bold personalities and our choices. Do not step back. Be confident enough and raise your voice against them and say that you are what you are and also challenge them to be like you for at least an hour. They can't because they are the people who criticize and who can't take criticism like you. This way, you can eradicate them by poking into your issues.

  • We should cut a diamond with another diamond. Apply the same formula when a homophobic exceeds his/her limits in criticizing you. All you need is to listen to them what shit they say, give it time, scan them and realize their weaker outer appearances, their visible lifestyle choices and their social status. It might be wrong on a human's part, but sometimes, we need to shut others' mouths by just making them aware of their position in society, physically, mentally and financially too. No wrong in it.

  • Treat your orientation as your pride and fight for the prejudice formed by these homophobic and the people who are against the crowd. Always stick to the point that you love being you and behave the way how you love leading a life. This will boost your positive personality and make the other person realize that you are happy with what you are. Nothing can irritate a person than a happy face.

  • Always come and support the other petite queer personalities who can't stand for themselves. The LGBT community is the powerful one when united, and if you speak to someone who is getting criticized you can help that person, yourselves and also the sick society around you.

  • Never portray your orientation as just a choice. Imbibe the wholeness of you in the feelings towards another person you choose to love. Orientations aren't choices. They are more than just an option. They are life and they bring clarity in a person with whom he/she wants to end up. So, whenever someone suggests you to visit a doctor to get into so-called normality of the society, savagely answer them to visit a Neurologist, because they need to set some nerves in their brains properly at the place.

  • Aggressiveness sometimes makes a person, lose a discussion and lead to unnecessary arguments with no solutions. So, deal it with peace and calm. Talk your instincts not your experiences. Share the knowledge, not the negative traits of society. Speak facts, not theories. Mention the people as examples, not as supporting characters. Present yourself with the utmost poise, not with the dissatisfaction of what you utter. Because at the end of the day, you are way more educated, understanding, sophisticated, appealing and interesting than the person who arrogantly argues with you against the queer.

Be a savage and also queer in answering people straight to their faces than muttering yourselves, especially in front of your ridiculous relatives and not-so-funny friends who have minimum knowledge about queer. Always try to take them out of the shells they are cozily living in. Expose them to the spark of light through the information you provide. Irritate them, crush them, win over them, answer them, but at the end of the day, you must strive hard to educate and enlighten them in a proper way that they should never open their filthy mouths in front of any queer person to throw their tantrums against the queer lifestyle and the choices of queer people. Simply, a little bit of sass and savage answers would serve the purpose of tackling homophobes gracefully. Try it...

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