Tips to recognize narcissistic-players in your gay dating game!

The dating scenario is moderately the same regardless of the genders and the orientations, especially in this millennial era, hence you may find the same kinds of personalities in any sexual orientation community, be it straight or gay or whatever. But some people are very hard to spot and those come out as the utmost disasters in dating by leaving others with heartbreaks and by ruining the concept of dating. They are equally available in the gay community who elevates their personalities to degrade the value of the people they date. One must avoid dating such people, but one can't find them easily by reading their faces on the first meet.

Hence, one must know a few tips to recognize such dating disastrous personalities before ruining one's mental peace and physical harmony. Have you ever felt that the person you met recently talks a lot about sex than emotions and constantly wants you to end up in his bed but nothing else? Do you feel your boyfriend is controlling you and keeping you as a backup option and doing something fishy behind you? Does your boyfriend always maintain secrecy regarding his whereabouts? Well, then you are getting played by a manipulative prick!