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Tips to recognize narcissistic-players in your gay dating game!

The dating scenario is moderately the same regardless of the genders and the orientations, especially in this millennial era, hence you may find the same kinds of personalities in any sexual orientation community, be it straight or gay or whatever. But some people are very hard to spot and those come out as the utmost disasters in dating by leaving others with heartbreaks and by ruining the concept of dating. They are equally available in the gay community who elevates their personalities to degrade the value of the people they date. One must avoid dating such people, but one can't find them easily by reading their faces on the first meet.

Hence, one must know a few tips to recognize such dating disastrous personalities before ruining one's mental peace and physical harmony. Have you ever felt that the person you met recently talks a lot about sex than emotions and constantly wants you to end up in his bed but nothing else? Do you feel your boyfriend is controlling you and keeping you as a backup option and doing something fishy behind you? Does your boyfriend always maintain secrecy regarding his whereabouts? Well, then you are getting played by a manipulative prick!

Generally termed as "Players" in the gay community, these are clever minded ones blended with charming looks and no one can resist falling into their witty traps. These homosexual men how to play with your body, moods, and emotions perfectly that you can't hesitate to accept their approach. They are flirtatious to the core. So, when your boyfriend flirts with others in front of you, don't misjudge him to be the one who appreciates beauty everywhere. Comprehend the difference between flirting and appreciating beauty.

If you repeatedly hear lust-worthy compliments not only about you but also about others, then you may be dealing with a player who knows how to sneak and sleep with every person to fulfill his sensual pleasures behind you. Point to be noted: You are going to be just one of the persons with whom he fucks around.

His energy is inescapable, and you can't help yourself falling for his words every single time. Though your moods don't befit the situation, a player knows how to set them right according to his moods. So, whenever you feel that your feelings are being crushed and you are forced to accept your dating partner's sensual moods, then you must think about your dating life. Because a reliable partner always tries to understand your moods, try to learn your story, try to act according to it and then try to take you out of those moods, if they are sad, if not they blend in with you to share your happiness. Only a player is capable of turning the tragic moods into intense intimate sessions.

If your boyfriend invariably gives you weird, irrelevant, and unrelated explanations regarding his whereabouts, then you must be alert. If he stammers and looks out for befitting responses for your questions regarding his multiple profiles in various gay dating apps or about his continuous calls or texting from random guys, then you must confront him hard to obtain the truth out of him because he must be surely playing with others behind you. One major tip to recognize players is; they are super secretive about everything that seems personal to them!

Does your boyfriend always talk about himself and use the words "ME" and "I", instead of "WE" and employ the art of diverting the whole topic towards himself, no matter what? Then yes, you are dating a Narcissistic or self-centered person! You can find them a lot in the gay community as mostly everyone considers themselves as divas or the ones who struggle the most with one's orientation criticism.

Being narcissistic is fine when it doesn't cross the limitations of one's individuality but it looks ugly and disrespectful when a person tries to overshadow another person's individuality. To these self-centered gay men, this happens in every moment, and one cannot recognize these changes in the initial stages of dating as the attraction of a particular connection, make a couple go blind in seeing such emotional drawbacks.

These gay men aren't selfish all the time, but they are self-centered, self-obsessed, and treat themselves as self-important in any kind of situation. Hence, if you fail to appreciate their aesthetic appearances or mental abilities at least once, then your day is going to be wasted in convincing them. Is it happening with you right now? Are you keeping extra efforts to make your partner feel good about himself instead of focusing on building a proper relationship? Oh yeah, you are surely dealing with a narcissistic bitch!

These gay men are extremely fashionable and come with high maintenance. They can make you swoon with their charming looks and powerful mindsets. Everything, you witness can be a big plus in them except their obsession with their face, their branded clothes, their monthly spa rituals, and their high-end salon visits to boost up their physical appearances. Point to be noted: they don't give a damn about how you look and don't think about booking an appointment for you, because all they need is to look good and attract others.

Does your partner always dress up for the public, but not for you or himself? Does he always bother about people's opinions about him regarding his appearance? Simply, is he an attention seeker? Well, then you are surely dating a narcissistic gay man who always tries to steal the show or at least expect or try hard to steal the show.

Most importantly, he never thinks about your wishes, desires, and goals. He never cross-examines you about your career issues and never supports you in things especially in which he has to adjust a bit. He never asks you about your feeling regarding him and his looks. He never bothers fulfilling your fetishes and fantasies, but in return complains regarding his sexual satisfaction levels with you. He always tries to create a situation in which he needs to be elevated and escalated, be it sad or a happy moment. He expects the world should revolve around him, including you!

Players may affect you physically and emotionally with their manipulative skills in playing with your feelings and also with other feelings behind you. Narcissistic gay men may drain all your energy in every possible way and still complain about your efforts, which may severely affect your psychological self. Because if you keep appreciating your partner for no reason, you forget to appreciate yourself, which is also important to build a healthy relationship with a person. So it's important to recognize a person's personality before getting committed deeply. Have you ever thought about the blend of these two types of gay men? Narcissistic-players also do exist in the gay community with the blending features of these two gay men! Dating is complicated at the end of the day; you need to make it simple by having some clarity regarding the person whom you date!

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