Tips to realize that you have fallen in love with your gay bestie!

Needless to say, we all love our best pals, and we become inseparable gradually but loving your bestie in a friendly manner is way different from loving your bestie romantically. If you are that gay person who is in a dilemma regarding your feelings on your bestie who's also homosexual or a bisexual, then you need to know the slightest differences in every emotion of yours towards your friend who may turn into your partner soon. But this happens if you embrace every feeling instead of suppressing them. In most cases, this kind of romantic scenario can be seen from both sides but because of that typical friend zone, things become unclear. So, to get the clarity, you need to eliminate your confused state.

Always remember that every person maintains some kind of limits and boundaries, even though the other person is your closest pal but if you and your bestie always cross each other's limitations to exhibit any kind of emotion, be it love, anger, and even possessiveness, then yeah you need to recheck your emotions on each other to attain some clarity to strengthen your bond.

Speaking of possessiveness, it is a common aspect in any kind of relationship. If we feel closer to someone, we don't like others to get closer to our people. The queer community isn't an exception at all. If you are gay and if you feel extremely possessive about your gay bestie even though you are kind of dating or in a casual relationship, your whole focus shifts on your bestie just because you don't like him to hang out with the undesirable people and also unintentionally you feel you are the only right person with whom he should hangout. Well, this is a clear sign of limitless love. And if your bestie entertains your possessiveness and acts according to your wishes without uttering a single opposite statement, then yes, you must confront why he bears your possessive attitude towards him.

No matter what, if you feel like updating and giving information regarding your daily life scenario regularly without giving a miss and if you receive the same kind of treatment from your bestie's side, maybe you people might have fallen in love with each other but couldn't sense it due to your thick friendship layer. If you think, it's love then you must tear the layer.

True best friends miss each other and they express it subtly and they try to meet whenever it's possible. But if you miss your bestie so much that you feel empty without having him beside you and if you feel awkwardly painful maintaining a long-distance even if it is work commitments or personal issues, then it's time you must analyze your emotions towards your bestie.

Sometimes scrutinizing too much also may forcibly make you feel that you have fallen in love with your bestie, especially when you are single and desperate to mingle. So, you need to examine your emotions, particularly in romantic aspects. And also if your bestie is always there for you when no one's there, don't conclude it as love. Try to recognize the other side of the coin too. Keep it subtle and simple when in confusion, instead of following your intense intentions.

Intimacy is one aspect you must give a thought about. No one thinks about kissing one's bestie sensually until and unless that person has true love or lusty intentions. If you like to have sex with your bestie, ask yourself whether the cravings of physical intimacy are out of sexual attraction or out of pure love. Try to realize the slightest difference between sleeping with your bestie out of love and out of lust. This is an important step for both of you to turn your friendship into a romantic relationship.