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Tips to realize that you blindly support your partner!

And most of the time it makes a couple go gravely wrong when they don't consider the pros and cons of a situation and try to get along with each other's opinions or decisions regardless of weighing the consequences. You can fall head over heels for a person but if you shower your love in the form of unbiased, constant, and blind support for everything your partner gets on the table of your relationship, then one fine day, you find your romantic bond in a drowning stage. Hence, you need to be aware of yourself, your partner, your strong bond, and most important the kind of support you both provide for each other.

Under the name of love, sometimes we don't even think about considering the future consequences, instead, all we think about is to impress, satisfy and showcase the love for our partners. Once in a while, it is okay to go spontaneous by making instant opinions and taking quick decisions for the sake of seeing a smile on our partners' faces, but if this continues regularly, this becomes a habit. And habits are hard to quit, good or bad. We must realize the difference between occasional experiments and habitual adventures.

If you are a person who constantly provides any kind of support to your partner regardless of your situation and feelings without prioritizing your needs and requirements, one day, if you fail at doing one thing that supports your partner's need, then you will have to face the wrath of the blame game. Psychologically, we humans, don't remember the constant support, we only remember that one time when we don't receive that kind of support. So, realize this bitter fact.

For instance, if you unconditionally provide monetary support to your partner in your relationship in the form of shopping, entertainment, and financial aid, try giving it a pause in that whole process of support and witness the reactions. If your partner perceives you, he/she will try to know what's happening with you and most importantly supports your decision of not providing that respective support. But if your partner gets into sulky or attack mode when you fail at supporting him/her/them for once, then you need to realize, on what basis your relationship is surviving!

It's the same with all the materialistic things in life, be it your name and fame, be it your social status, be it any kind of support you strongly provide your partner to elevate each other's lifestyle scenarios. Make sure that whatever support you give, your partner must be the same in the lows and highs of your life. To become sure of it, you need to keenly observe the behavioral patterns, changes in expressing emotions and feelings in your partner. Realize the unstable fluctuations your partner makes in your relationship depending on meeting various kinds of materialistic expectations.

It applies to physical and sensual support too. No person can have sex regularly, and no one can satisfy one's partner in bed all the time. If your partner fails at understanding the mere anatomy and biology of your relationship and always complains in one or the other way or throws tantrums when you fail at giving an orgasm, then you must realize whether your relationship is based on pure love or deep lust. True partners help you out and make you regain your sensual strength no matter how stressed you feel.

Regardless of all these odds in your relationship and all these negative emotions from your partner, if you keep trying to convince yourself to provide constant support just to survive the relationship and fear of losing your partner, then that's just blind support you provide your partner, which is utterly toxic. Yes, supporting is fine and it must be like a mutual act but if it is always one-sided and constant even though your partners fail to recognize your efforts, then your relationship becomes toxic for you.

For the sake of the happiness of one's partner, a person may provide support for bad influences and wrong decisions, like gambling, partying every single day, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, even physical abuse towards oneself just to make one's partner calm down after exhibiting aggressive emotions. This kind of deep support towards harming and hurting loved ones is a completely wrong and opposite aspect to love. Support must be passionate enough not torturous or encouraging the monstrous behavior.

Regrettably, here the mistake is solely not your partner's, mostly it is on the side of the person who provides constant support blindly no matter what at any cost, which indeed specifies that the majority part of the mistake lies on your side. So, realizing that in the initial stages of your relationship may help you divert your romantic bond away from toxicity. If not, things become quite materialistic, your partner becomes utterly habituated with your support and may act crazy if he/she/they don't get that particular support, and you may also fall into the trap of self-doubt, regret, and guilt if you fail at providing support. If you blindly support your partner, you may lose the vision of your relationship which affects the tender passionate love between you and your partner.

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