Tips to protect your tresses from winter chills ...

Hair is one dead growth out of the scalp of a person which is treated as the most precious thing because it decides the look of a person. It always brings a change in the person's outer appearance and sometimes inner strength too. The one bodily outgrowth which humans care the most is hair and it is pretty much known as a fact. Hence, the care rituals for protecting the hair are many and they are emerging in the market of the hair industry, providing its customers with various treatments to make sure, everyone carries strong locks. But seasons are natural, aren't they? They are inescapable and must be tolerated by any human being as a part of the life cycle. Therefore, seasonal protection is most important to secure one's hair from all the hazardous effects which end up a person losing his hair for a lifetime. Out of all seasons, winter is the best in terms of giving people happiness and festivals to celebrate, but this season can be a serious threat to the tresses of any person.

  • Dryness is one of the main causes of seasonal change in the hair. Due to humidity levels and fluctuating temperatures from day to night in winters, there are many chances for a person to fight with dryness of the scalp and hair. The moisture levels in cold winter breeze are far less than summer air. So, one must make sure that one's hair is getting enough moisture to keep the hair under ideal temperatures.

  • Unlike hair, the scalp gets its warm temperature with the skin cells, but the hair, which spreads out of the scalp can be easily attacked by winter breezes. So, there are more chances for dry hair than the dry scalp. Hence, one must always moisturize the hair strands with climatic protection serums or anti-frizz or dry hair prevention serums. Make sure you step out having enough serum on your hair, which fights the cold winters.

  • Try applying warm coconut oil or warm bhringraj oil or warm rosemary oil to eradicate the dry scalp and flakes which leads to dandruff. Unlike hair, the scalp secretes sebum which acts as natural oil, but due to cool temperature, it can easily get dried, hence, a person must apply and massage oil more often to balance the oil supplement for the scalp.

  • Many of us are suckers for hair coloring, especially in the season, which comes with grand festivals like Christmas, New Year, film festivals and charitable events too. Hence, to stand out of the crowd, we want our hair to be colored differently and hence we end up making a big mistake of going with flashy blondes or colors that can be deposited only after pre-lightening the hair strands. This can be dangerous for your hair.

  • Dark hair pigments can stand better against chilling temperatures than light hair pigments. Hence, always go with dark colors like blacks, browns, brunettes, and reds, instead of blondes, platinum colors and neon colors. Because pre-lightening hair can easily catch dryness and makes the hair frizzy and lifeless.

  • Color-treated hair must be maintained differently. A person must focus on both color protection and reduction of dryness too. So always deep condition your hair with color protection masques because they come with ingredients that reduce dryness and also protect the color.

  • Chemically treated hair like straightened or permed should be managed only with their respective shampoos, conditioners, masques, and serums. Never mismatch with any other products. Just stick to the products which can take good care of your chemically treated hair. In winter, never take chances, to try new products.