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Tips to patch the communication breakdown in your queer relationship!

Communication is the bare minimum basic thing that is important to survive in a relationship. And communication breakdown is one of the common aspects seen in any queer relationship. But if you get along with the breakdown and be in it, for a while, you surely end up breaking the romantic bond you have with your partner. Hence, you need to know how to patch such communication breakdowns every time you encounter bitter communication experiences with your partner.

Speak out no matter what. Though you can use silence as a weapon to mend issues in your relationship, the span of that silence increases the gap in a couple. So, use your so-called silent treatments for a very less period, because if it continues, there will be only silence and nothing else. Throwing tantrums is common in any kind of relationship. You can expect your partner to get back to you after facing an issue, but not every single time, especially when you know it is because of you, the issue has been raised in your relationship. So, when you realize the reality, stop throwing tantrums and act maturely by taking initiation to patch issues.

Communication breakdowns shouldn't make either of you as a couple, bitch about each other by involving the third person. That's the most common mistake many queer couples commit and specifically they involve their best pals. If you lookout for a suggestion or someone to hear you out regarding your relationship to make it better, it is fine to approach others but if you want to gossip about your partner just to relieve all your inner stress, then get ready to tackle the stressful interventions further.

Everyone knows everyone in the queer community because the current scenario is mostly virtual and we can easily bump into a random queer person by just scrolling our Instagram feed. Hence, maintain the quality of information by not getting influenced by people online. Many queer couples face communication breakdowns because of their online existence. On various platforms, we meet various people and in the process, we may exchange a few texts, and later that may turn out into a typical bitching and gossipping session, which leads to unnecessary consequences in a relationship. Do you want to know how?

Well, for instance, you meet someone online who knows your partner (virtually) and come to know that you are his/her/their partner, if that other person had some kind of issue with your partner or feels jealous about your relationship, that person may try to influence you with his/her baseless information. Hence, until and unless you witness a particular situation or a person, never get into communication breakdowns especially when external influences are included. You don't have to be on the same page, but you can surely try to reach the same level of understanding each other by considering and eliminating a few things in your relationship, specifically the ones that act as reasons behind your communication breakdowns.

If you can't get back to your normal state with your partner after a serious issue, always try relationship roleplay. These acts help you unleash the newness of your relationship and also bring you together regardless of your past actions. Until and unless you make an effort in any possible way to sort out an issue, your communication breakdown can never be patched. Rough patches aren't rough if you think they are nothing in front of your strong romantic bond. Some queer couples go through serious patches after some serious communication breakdowns and hence, they feel difficult to be themselves like in old times. It is all in your mind. If you decide to let go of things by seeing the bright future together, it becomes easier for you to go ahead in your relationship, if not you can never be the same person your partner fell in love with.

Apologizing and accepting mistakes aren't bad things at all. These acts have nothing to do with your individuality and egoistic personality. If you realize your mistake, try saying sorry and indeed mean it. A true partner can see the realization in your eyes, and everything gets back to normal within split seconds. When in doubt, act kiddish. Make a puppy face, poke your partner in various possible ways, irritate him romantically, tease her erotically, try to talk it out whenever you get a chance, make some lovely gestures even though your partner denies or ignore or hardly notice. Take every single opportunity for making a little effort to put an end to your communication breakdown. If nothing works and if you want your partner to get back to you at any cost, start one side communication without expecting any response and replies. This surely works but also makes sure you don't degrade yourself so much. Keep it healthy and romantic instead of desperate and super submissive.

Space is important. Give your partner some space when he or she particularly asks for you. Take a break for a while and also give your partner some time to ruminate, process, and perceive things in your relationship. Always remember that your partner has a right to take a break from your relationship. So, give some space till things cool down. But, it doesn't mean, you need to keep extending the span of space. Too much space is also bad. Make a deal or a contractual time to give your relationship a break or some space to settle the communication breakdown. Instead of remaining silent, make an effort to talk it out with your partner after some time. Communication breakdowns get cleared only if you try to communicate. Period.

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