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Tips to level up your messaging tactics to find a date online!

Are you single and looking for someone to go on a date or to meet over a coffee or just a hookup? Then, you must be struggling with a lot of blended thoughts in your brain as Valentine's Day is around the corner. Forget about celebrating the whole valentine's week with the one person in your life. Not everyone is so fortunate enough to find that one person in life so easily. But you don't have to get depressed with the fact of being single. Instead, you need to work a bit smart way to be single and also to be with someone to celebrate the season of love!

You don't have to be committed to go on a date or to meet someone you like. But, in this virtual scenario, you need to be focused on your virtual presence because nowadays smartphones are the best places to know and perceive people. And you can only know the other person initially through your texts and the way how you approach the other person through your messaging techniques. Do you know that you can make a person fall in love within 15 initial messages? Well, that's how the millennial romance works!

Before anything else, you need to have a decent, appealing, and attractive online profile on any of the dating platforms you choose to look out for dates. Be it a hookup, or casual meet, or a proper date, invest your time, energy, and efforts on the dating platforms which are safe and secure. Even though the crowd in a particular dating platform looks unappealing, you must stand out of the crowd to get some drool-worthy dates. So, before getting into the messaging techniques, be prepared with the proper profile with basic information, alluring pictures, not-so-cheesy lines in the bio, and most importantly update all the necessary inputs to expect a perfect result in the form of a decent date.

Here are some of the messaging techniques you need to follow to attract someone you find online to go on a date, not only for Valentine's Day but for the future too!

Be crystal clear about what you need and what you are looking for. Never get confused and never add-on things according to the other person. If you want to take the other person out on a coffee date, stick to that point, instead of getting along with the opposite person's hookup plan by accepting to meet at his or her place! Message in a way that works for you!

And never get straight to the point in the first four messages. Even though you are looking for a hookup, don't present your desperate personality out there by asking other person's intentions about sleeping with you. Maintain bare dating decorum of inquiring about other person's wellness and try to get to know a person's mindset.

Don't conduct interviews by asking naive corporate questions. You don't have to do anything with people's salary packages, the place they work, and their family members in the first conversation. Just get that shit done by asking what he or she accomplishes as an occupation!

Strike the conversations which are manageable, a little predictable, and more engaging. If you can't hold a conversation, then you will never get a date. Small talks never work in the virtual dating scenario. Be flirtatious but not desperate, be funny but don't be a pervert. Be a bit vulnerable not unbearably emotional.

If you want to have some future with a particular person, you like online, try knowing the opinion of the other person before building dreams in your mind. Some people don't like commitments at all. So, hold your horses and message in a way that you can get the information you need without sounding like a spy!

Try to give quick replies instead of playing that stupid game of keeping the other person on hold to expect some drama. This is one of the absurd things to do online while messaging others. Be a mature adult if you want to be treated as one. If not, the other person may lose interest and also may blast you off.

If you are attracted to a person, sound as if you are attracted with interest and enough excitement, instead of behaving like an overdramatic diva. If you show your interest it will double up in the other person too. Follow the basic rule: Attraction promotes attraction. So message with a bit of wit, sound flirtatious, speak like a person who knows some decent dating moves.

Keep it simple and real. Try doing a video call before going on a date. This is not to make sure to know the identity and appearance of the other person but this is to make sure you present yourself and make the other person feel comfortable when you meet for the first time. Don't force but insist on the idea of seeing each other virtually only after spending one whole day texting each other!

Sometimes you need to end the conversations if you don't get what you expect and if things don't work out between you and the other person, you feel like wrapping up the conversation and not leading further. Whenever you feel like doing it, never drag! Be specific, be human, and be approachable!

Don't ghost people. That's an extremely bad virtual dating etiquette. And that also shows your dating ethics too. Ultimately, you are a human and you need to treat others as humans too. So, reveal your reasons of disinterest and give a proper closure before ending things up. Though texting is a part of virtuality, people still invest in emotions and feelings while talking to others online. Be clear about what you desire and why you don't feel like finding it in the other person. Don't explain. Just leave a statement and end things on a good note!

Never forget to wish well for the people whom you traveled with online over texts, messages, and calls. This leaves a good impression on you, and who knows you may bump into the same person and you don't have to feel bad about your behavior. Keep things simple instead of creating unnecessary complications!

And if you like the other person and want to go on a date, be smart and sophisticated by picking out a place and time. A message with the proper address, scheduled time, and even the reservation information can boost up your image in your dating partner's mind.

Most importantly, never restrict yourself to initiate a conversation. This is so basic, but people don't follow it as they think that taking the first step may make them sound desperate. It inevitably makes you sound well-approaching if you have some good intentions towards the other person!

So, from next time, actually, from right this minute, try following these basic online messaging techniques to get a worthy person as your date!

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