Tips to know how to talk about the idea of an Open relationship with your partner!

Being in an open relationship is not an easy task and it surely has nothing to do with the levels of your lust or your confusing personality and most importantly, it isn't a sinful act to think about open relationships. So stop considering the whole concept of seeing others while being in a constant relationship with one person as something stupid. Everyone is opinionated. So, people who don't think of monogamy as their cup of tea, need to explore options to know what befits right for their personality. And if an open relationship is an option for you, you just need to know how to keep the proposal in front of your partner, how to talk to him/her about it, and lastly how to deal with it and the future consequences.

Though a lot of people like to be in a committed relationship with one person without getting diverted, most of us also like to explore the world of an open relationship. And of course, a few of us can get into such a relationship with open possibilities, especially when we find the right person who can understand and manage the whole bond without any drama and discrepancies!

If you are dating a person and if you don't want to get into a serious relationship and also don't want to leave that particular person as you are completely in love with him or her, then you should consider the world of an open relationship as you can be with the person you love and also can see others to recheck your capability of love towards sticking to the one person you love. So, when you are in the utmost dilemma of getting into a committed bond, the aspect of an open relationship always helps you explore your dating life and teaches you many more things.

Firstly, choose the right place, right time, and right mood to express your idea of an open relationship with your partner. Make sure you don't already mess things up by making your partner assume a committed life with you. Always remember, if you behave like a typically committed partner throughout your dating scenario, you can never expect a positive response from your partner regarding your open relationship idea.

Explain the concept of the open relationship and also elaborate how important the existence of your partner makes this relationship work further, though it may include hooking up with other people. Make your partner understand the difference between making love and having sex. Before that, you need to comprehend the ideologies of lust and love. Know the fine line difference between romanticism and eroticism.

If you consider an open relationship just to hook up with others and be there in the dating market as an available person who always ready to mingle, then you are just a desperate pervert who requires endless sex with too many people.

Get into an open relationship to take some more time for yourself to be sure of spending the rest of your life with your partner. Get into it, if you think you still have to explore things in your dating life. Get into it, if you both mutually want a casual relationship. Get into it, if you can understand each other regardless of the presence of a third person in your life. Get into it, if you are sure enough to handle things without emotional drama and mental trauma.

If your partner understands you and accepts the idea of an open relationship, you need to talk about the limitations, the boundaries, and the borders around your romantic bond. Just because the relationship is open, it doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want to do. It's not singlehood, keep this in your mind, an open relationship is still a relationship and you still need to be in control of each other.

Talk it out and sort things which you both feel comfortable doing with each other and seeing each other doing things with others. If your partner doesn't like when you bring others to your home; you shouldn't do it. And if you don't like your partner to be around when you are with others, then you must say it to him or her. This way, you both come to some negotiable terms and conditions to work out your relationship further comfortably without any disturbances.

There is no rule that your partner must feel the same throughout your open relationship and his/her ideologies may change. She may want you completely committed to her. He may feel like leaving you as he doesn't want to be a barrier to your exploration. We all feel various things in our relationships and sometimes we don't express them because of various assumptions. Hence, you need to keep sorting, changing, and talking about these limitations and boundaries of your open relationship with your partner every quarter of the year. This way, you get to know the current mindset of your partner and also may rectify your mistakes or make your partner recognize the real scenario.