Tips to know how to keep yourself safe while traveling if you are a homosexual!

Who doesn't love traveling and exploring places around the world? Everyone has their bucket list of visiting some exotic, adventurous, and beautiful locations all around the globe. Forget about the globe for a while, let's start with small. It's hard for a person to roam around one's own country completely and many more things lie mysterious to us though we belong to the country we live in. Strictly speaking, most of us never get to explore one's hometown. That's the beauty of traveling. But the idea of exploring also has its cons and every traveler must keep these in mind to be safe and secure without getting into trouble.

In this heterosexual-dominated society, homosexual travelers always feel conscious and cautious enough because of the typical norms of people, especially if a particular person is openly gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender. Open queer people must be even more alert to keep themselves safe in every step they take because not every place is as welcoming as we think and not every person makes us comfortable the way we expect. Hence, if you are a solo traveler or backpacker or someone who travels alone who also happens to be a proud homosexual, then you must follow a few tips to make your journey peaceful.

  • Always know about the place before visiting. Know about the customs followed by the people who live. Know the culture, traditions, and societal norms. Most importantly, know whether the place & people are rigidly conservative or openly welcoming.

  • Solo traveling is moderately a big deal and it is always good to know or have someone you can trust and rely upon in the place where you plan to visit. Well, all the dating apps, social networking, mutual friends, random clubbing at various cities, come in handy to get to know at least one person from the city you are about to visit.

  • Accommodate yourself in the center of the towns or cities or the most happening spots in the places you visit. Make sure you are surrounded by people but also get to have your own space to keep yourself safe.

  • Have conversations with strangers, mingle with them and explore with them, but never reveal too much about yourself. Maintain the limitations of your stories so that you won't end up giving others a chance to exploit you in every possible way.

  • Try to scrutinize how people embrace you or allow you to share their spaces, especially if you visit remote areas, tribal areas, and yeah even some posh cosmopolitan straight clubs too. Because ignorant people are everywhere regardless of the status and the lifestyle in a particular place. Some places don't welcome homosexuals the way you expect and you can't change that overnight by protesting there. So, chuck off the bad vibes and escape from such places because they also may create a danger to you.

  • Before visiting, check out all the queer-oriented places, queer-friendly cafes, and clubs, gay cruising spots, basically all the places in which you befit the best. Because it's always good to explore and hang out with our fellow queer mates from other cities. Who knows you may find someone and you may get a clear traveling picture. So, never miss exploring the queer side of any place because that side makes you feel comfortable and safe!

  • Never reveal your itinerary to any random stranger. Maintain that mystery for yourself. Most importantly don't trust anyone blindly, especially when you travel all your way alone. Keep your gadgets fully charged. And please learn the important spots of a particular place before visiting. Because this information comes in handy when the technology gets shut down.