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Tips to know how to hold a conversation with your sapiosexual partners!

Conversations act as a foundation for any relationship and they can make a person form an initial impression regarding others. We all may get attracted to people because of their sensual looks, cool lifestyle choices, or fashionable avatars but we only feel connected to a person after striking a conversation. Sometimes a hot looking gym hunk may sound dumb and sometimes an average looking guy may sound matured, understanding, communicative and intelligent. We can conclude a person only when we talk to the person, if not we can never understand the mentality and the personality of a person.

Hence, conversations play a prominent role in the life of a sapiosexual person. Not everyone can be a mentalist or a psychiatrist to read people's minds without talking to them. But anyone can know about a fellow human through his verbal power of framing words together to portray his/her knowledge about the things in and around him/her. Strictly speaking, conversations can help people to conclude the level of intelligence of a particular person. Sapiosexuals are the people who show the utmost interest in striking conversations so that they can be able to get to know the other person before getting romantically, physically, emotionally, or sexually attracted to that person because for them everything is about intelligence!

So, if you are a sapiosexual person or if you are dating one, you must have a deeper perspective on holding the conversations. Striking a particular conversation is very easy and diverting from it, is also damn easy but holding on to a conversation at a neutral level without making it sound like an argument or a one-sided monologue, you have to focus on a few tactics which let the other person understand you better and in the case of sapiosexuals, it is a major turn-on aspect to get attracted to others.

Being talkative and being communicative are two distinctive aspects. You can be loquacious like a crazy person by talking whatever shit you want to and that portrays you as a fool or dumb. Hence, focus on interacting through communicating a particular aspect in various ways. Make a person fall for you by considering 360 degrees of a topic. Because this enables a person to gain a broad perspective on you.

Don't be verbal diarrhea. Just because you are learning new vocabulary doesn't mean you should employ them in unnecessary places to boast your intelligence. This can go wrong, and the other person may consider you as an idiot. If you want to sustain a conversation with your partner or if you go out on a date with a stranger for the first time, try to scrutinize the verbal capability of a person and put your words together. Remember, you can hold a conversation only if you make some sense and make other people understand you and your words.

Overcome the linguistic barriers. International languages are undoubtedly the best in communicating. But what if your dating partner is not so good in those languages and comfortable in regional languages? Don't make a degrading face and devalue a person because of his/her linguistic skills. Try balancing the act out. Communicate in your partner's preferred language and if you don't know, at least give a butler tray. It sounds cute because the effort you illustrate is all that matters and that helps the other person become comfortable in communicating with you in your preferred language too! This is how conversations help two people come together by adjusting for each other.

Sapiosexuals are the ones who get attracted to intelligence, which means even they don't consider themselves as pros at intelligence. They like to explore the knowledge of the other person by knowing his/her perspectives, talents, and skills. They are the explorers and they can only explore through conversations. Hence, be prepared to get deeper and deeper about any topic in the world because that's how this orientation works, getting attracted to the deeper chords of intelligence.

Do not take diversions and never get fluctuated. Generally, in conversation, the common mistake we all humans do is, we easily get distracted from one topic to another and sometimes we find ourselves blank about the beginnings of a particular conversation. Hence, try focusing on a particular topic by going straight until the dead-end instead of taking u-turns or side turns. Because this will dilute a connection between two people.

For suppose, if you are dating a sapiosexual who loves talking and hearing about architecture, then try having conversations about buildings, constructions, crafts, designs, arts, and even paintings. You can go from architecture to art but never step into science because that's a different route that your partner may not like or may not even know much about it. Talking about interiors is different and talking about the chemical formula of a particular paint on a wall is different. Understand the limitations of the topic and explore together till the dead end. Save science topic for some other day! So, never mess up your conversations by deviating.

You can talk all the rubbish in the world if you are dating a sapiosexual partner but communicate in a meaningful and knowledgeable way instead of speaking for the sake of fake connection or the sex. Sapiosexuals know how to filter out the real conversations and fake conversations too!

And if you are a sapiosexual and looking for a person who can hold conversations, to make it happen, you need to take the position of an ardent listener instead of poking your noses in between the topics, because that may irk off the other person and sometimes may let that person lose interest on you. So, be calm and try to analyze the conversations of your partner!

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